Ridgid TS2400 Router Insert

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Ridgid TS2400 jobsite table saw in it's "closed" position 




Extend right hand wing of said saw. Be sure to have a small child handy to help. I also suggest wearing sandals.

Whazza? Huh?

Kewl. The router table bit drops into the opening created when you slide the table open, allowing use of the table saw fence and rails. I do need to make some funkadelic auxiliary fence so I don't chew up the nice aluminum fence; gotta work in dust collection, too.

Thanks, little helper dude. Way to uphold the family dignity.

From below. There's not really room for more than a small router. This is the Milwaukee body-grip 1 3/4 hp router. I didn't mount the router to a real router table insert or anything, as the whole drop-in piece is only about 10 3/8" wide. To change bits I probably would need to drop the router body out of the base, but that's easy.

Honest, I asked him to smile. Really. This is totally genetic. Maybe you've heard of HOX genes. Clearly I provided DORK genes.