MediaMonkey Scripts by DiddeLeeDoo 

Not much happening here. Too busy with other things to update this page. Hope to complete this one.. one of those days.

A collection of scripts published at the MediaMonkey forum at 

Auto Rate Songs & Radio Announcer

First script, and also the hardest one to do. 

Version 5.02.

 Just Play Something (Auto DJ)

An Auto DJ script that attempt to rotate your songs based on ratings and duration since last played. Adds a music note icon to the Standard Toolbar. Double clicking this icon load a new selection of songs. Otherwise a new selection of songs automatically loads when the last song in the playlist plays. Under Tools / Scripts / Just Play Something Options you can select the number of unplayed songs to mix in amongst the favorites otherwise played.

 Randomize Now Playing

 Randomize the Now Playing list and place the current playing song on top of the list

Randomize Now Playing + Clear played

Same as above, but clean out the songs that have played (based on not using the Shuffle function)

Lyrics Panel

  Html based lyrics panel. Feature On/Off in the View menu

Syncronize Ratings


Album Artist Node


Resume Pause/Play