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 In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!

Ash shadu an La ilaha ill Allahu Wada hu La Sharika Lahu Wa Ash shadu anna El Hajj Shariff Abdul – Ali Abduhu wa Rasul Allah!


Chapter Number (s)

 - One -

 ~ Isaiah 9:6, 7 ~

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Give Respect to all Sacred Doctrines




1-     In the advent of night, and into day.

2-     With the testimony of tutelage of falsehood, then truth or vice versa by man.

3-     By the conceptualization of man with knowledge of many things mostly finite relatively, as well as infinitely abstract.

4-     Thy Lord did create man from his unknowing youth without awareness of generations prior.

5-     Truly as we grow, we develop into vanities of all sorts, based on accomplishments we learn, experience, and with no respect to others.

6-     Man it is that thinks he is able to save himself with regard to nothing prior of his own accord.

7-     It is not real that with or without his tools of perception of things that he can really do without recognition of his Lord and Father God Allah.

8-     Truly, Allah will accomplish His plan in due time expediently with or without the vanities, thoughts, and perceptions of man in relation to himself.

9-     Low, he is but the Creation of One, and who is it that can over take that One?

10- Is it not truly manifest that even by any spiritual perception, acquisition, or manifestation of sound reasoning, and sciences that there is none.

11- None, can over take the only Author, of the Giving, and Taking of all forms of beneficial and Undesirable forms of life.

12- Or, does man think that he will be left to do this, or do that without Authority?

13-  The falsehoods, and the demons high as well as low do reason but forget that nothing can be governed manifestly, or hidden without the Author Ultimately of it all the Creator Allah!


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!

Omen of Shams


1-     By, the Power of the Marvelous and Wondrous Grand Great Creator Most High, Most Compassionate, and Most Merciful.

2-     Verily, and truly successful is he that purifies his soul, is forgiving, charitable, and compassionate.

3-     And, by the mysteries of Darkness and Light.

4-     Blessed and rewarded is he who gives charitably and freely from the heart enjoining All that is Right and forbidding all that is wrong.

5-     Truly, he fails who is corrupt and oppressive (especially to his own brethren) and half – steps in the matter and measures of ways related to his duty, service, and worship of The Creator Most High and Most Grand.

6-     Say, I seek refuge from the evil in all created things with Reverence, humble prostration, and the Remembrance more so than just the thought to be dutiful in prayer to Him.

7-     May Allah bless and have mercy upon All of His Creation. Amin!!!

Insha’Allah, Insha’Allah, Insha’Allah


May Allah forgive me and have mercy upon me and the friends and the righteous families, nations, and tribes among the Men and Women, and the races of the righteous Jinns both Men and their Women, in unison let all Creation Praise Almighty God Allah.

Amin and Amin



In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Allah is Greatest and All Praise is due to Allah


1-     By the Loving, and Generous, Merciful, Grand Creator.

2-     And, the ways in which we acknowledge His Prescence.

3-     Truly every second whether blessed or unfortunate are by His Grace or Yielding Wrath.

4-     Truly to contemplate is the second of trouble, followed by sudden relief.

5-     The people who disbelieve never will realize this matter until they approach their graves inevitable.

6-     The righteous look forward to His bounties unending.

7-     Let all that will hear this saying and believe!

8-     Without doubt wisdom is Golden and it is foolish to act out of plain ignorance indeed.

9-     Blessed be the Lord my God who taught me the Holy Sacred Scriptures and wonderful wisdom, some mysterious.

10- The Lord we serve Our God The Grand Marvelous Creator, is Lord of all points, Lord of all times, Lord of all ways, and the God of both War and Peace / Life and Death. Infinitely!

11-  The things that grieve the righteous will one day be wiped away, while misery will follow the vain, wicked, foolish, transgressors whom the Lord of All Worlds will Judge.

12- Boundless and endless is the power, realm, and majesty of our Lord. Let all serve Him Alone.


Subhana Wa Bihamdi hi, Subhan Allah, Al hamdu Lillah, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha ill Allah La Sharika Lahu Subhan Allahi Wa La ilaha ill Allah, Istaghfir Allah, Subhana Wa Bihamdi hi, Insha’Allah, Shukranulah Al Hamdu Lillah!


Bismi Hayya ta Dunyah


Fear Is A Lack of Faith