This research project aims at defining a general framework to allow distributed teams of engineers to share and exchange models to support methods based on domain specific modelling languages.

Modeling complex systems usually requires collaboration among a group of engineers with different specialties, however, most of the DSM tools developed in the past do not support collaboration. Hence, there is a need for group members to share models and meta-models and synchronize their activities. In this project, we propose a distributed model editing framework called DiCoMEF, which lets every member to have his/her local copy of (meta)model. Members share their activity as a message exchange. Specifically, a set of sequences of operations that may concern both models and meta-models are used for message exchange. DiCoMEF provides facilities to detect conflicts and integrate concurrently evolved (meta)models into a new (meta)model. As part of change management, a controller is responsible to supervise modifications of models and meta-models.

Researcher: Amanuel KOSHIMA (PhD Student)
Supervisor: Prof. Vincent ENGLEBERT
co-Supervisor: Prof. Philippe THIRAN