Dick Honeycutt's Adventures in Metalcasting

I am attempting to melt metals and cast them into shapes.

I am going to post as much as possible as I can so that others may learn from my mistakes.

This site will be under constant construction, as I am going to be learning as I go. So check back
often if you are interested.

These posts will be picture heavy, so if your on dialup,  sorry.   I like Pictures.

I don't know how to design web pages, so if you get lost, not my fault.  I will try my best.

This subject matter involves Extremely High Heat and Fire and can be very dangerous if you are stupid or not very, very careful.  And then you still can get hurt.
I am not a professional.  I am not responsible if you burn down anything or injure anyone trying to copy me.

So if you are a child, a lawyer, or extremely clumsy,  click somewhere else.

For everyone else
On to the Flames.

Furnace builds
Furnace Alpha

Burner builds


Links and Stuff
Links and stuff

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