As someone who comments o
n the IT industry for a living I'm obliged to keep abreast of all the major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and my interest in music and photography means I also maintain SoundCloud and Flickr sites. 

The problem is keeping track of all the stuff that I've posted in all these different locations, and this website is my feeble attempt to pull together some of the
more significant parts of my online life in one place.

You'll find music, pictures, politics, philosophy and programming projects on the menu just to your left.
There’s a page devoted to my ideas about minimal software user interfaces called Simpleware with a couple of sample programs to try, and a page of collected quotes and reflections I call Cool Quotes.

I'm including links to the book "Cool Rules" that I wrote with the late David Robins, and the dictionary of computing that I compiled and wrote for Penguin. All my published books are displayed in the right-hand column here and on my Amazon Author Page, while some of the book reviews I've contributed to The Political Quarterly are here for anyone who doesn't have access to the journal.

I've contributed two reading guides to the website of the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust, a non-profit foundation that preserves documents related to the British labour movement. My contributions are on Genetic Engineering and Global Warming.

All the back-issues of my PC Pro Idealog column, from the first in 1994 up until six months ago, are also on the site here.


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All my books on Amazon

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Cool Rules: Anatomy of an Attitude (FOCI) by Dick Pountain and David Robins (1 Sep 2000)

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The Penguin Concise Dictionary of Computing by Dick Pountain (May 2003)

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The New Penguin Dictionary of Computing (Penguin Reference Books) by Dick Pountain (Jan 2002)

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Sampling Reality by Dick Pountain (May 2013)

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The Compleat Idealog by Dick Pountain (Jun 2013) - for Kindle 

The Compleat Idealog

The Compleat Idealog Vol 2 - for Kindle


A Tutorial Introduction to Occam Programming by Dick Pountain and David May (Aug 1987)