What's Important Now?

Great Neighborhoods 

The City initiated a study to get your advice on city planning. I suggested the study be called “Great Neighborhoods”. I support revisiting the Great Neighborhoods project.  We need a new grocery in the old Safeway at Queen and Pacific, a replacement for “Ray’s” in N. Albany and a downtown pharmacy.



Single family neighborhoods should be zoned as such.  I always advocate for single family zoning in single family neighborhoods. 


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “I love to pay my taxes because they bring me civilization”.   You and I may not love paying taxes as much as Ralph Waldo did, but,  Im proud that I’ve worked to make Albany a safe, clean, enjoyable place to live using our available tax resources.


Get out your Google and see how marijuana got criminalized.   Look up “William Randolph Hearst and How Marijuana was Criminalized” and make up your own mind.     

Urban renewal   

The present Urban Renewal project has done great things for Downtown First Street.  It's time to be done with moratoriums and get going with the program.