What's Important Now?

Great Neighborhoods 

The City initiated a study to get your advice on city planning. I suggested the study be called “Great Neighborhoods”. I support revisiting the Great Neighborhoods project.  I support revisiting Great Neighborhoods.   We need your input and advice on our City’s growth problems.  



Good zoning practice allows the single-family homeowners confidence that their neighborhood will remain or can become a “Great Neighborhood”.   Medium density zoning should mean only two-story buildings or less.   Single-family zoning should mean one house per lot and no multistory apartment buildings next door.     

Also, the existing N. Albany arterial road system and difficult geography,  (hills and lakes) require that N. Albany retain its low density, rural style of single-family development.  Residential lots should be no smaller than 10,000 square feet. 

CARA, Urban renewal  

The present Urban Renewal project has done great things for Downtown 1st St.  New lighting and street repair will do similar good things for 2nd and 3rd streets.  Altho torn-up streets and sidewalks on 2nd and 3rd Streets have been an annoying nuisance, this necessary street work was done with Urban Renewal money and not with the scarce city street funds.  This takes a load off the city street fund so more residential streets can now be fixed.   It's time to be done with moratoriums and get going with the rest of the program.   Our canals should be refurbished to be an attraction, not left as eyesores.   The historic buildings on 2nd and 3rd Streets should be restored and put to use.


Discerning young parents look for good functioning, walkable schools when house-hunting.  I see a growing number of smart young neighbors moving into our downtown neighborhoods.   Central and Takena schools need to be returned to again become functional as full-time K-5th  grade-schools.              


A bridge downriver connecting Springhill Dr. to Conser Rd. in Millersburg will allow north-bound Corvallis and North Albany traffic to by-pass Hwy 20 and downtown Albany. This will relieve congestion in N. Albany, at Springhill in particular,  and on Lyon and Elsworth Sts. 


Downtown Albany and the CARA Urban Renewal District should have at least one member who lives downtown.   Im it.   Vote Dick Olsen for City Council