Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Chemical Engineer (Retired) U.S. Bureau of Mines, at Albany Research Center 1966 to 1996

Educational Background: BA Physics Pacific Lutheran University, 1959; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering Oregon State University, 1966

Prior Governmental Experience: Elected Albany City Council Ward I, 1972; Reelected Albany City Council Ward I, 1976; Elected Albany Mayor, 1978; Elected Albany City Council Ward I, 1998; Reelected Albany City Council Ward I, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014

Home:        732 Broadalbin St.  I’m the third owner since 1888           

Family:       Kids - Joel,  Jerry,  Rachel

When things need doing, Olsen gets after them:

Monteith downtown neighborhood rezoned from an apartment house tsingle-family zoning.         1971

Downtown Carnegie Library (built1914) kept open.                                                                            1973

Historic Monteith House (Albany’s first house built in 1849)  City bought, preserved and restored.   1974

Prevented Urban Renewal, designed to demolish downtown neighborhoods and the business district.     1979

Ambulance service returned to its rightful place in the City of Albany Fire Department.                      1979

Amtrak trains stop again at Albany station.                                                                                         1979

Three downtown historic districts formed.                                                                                           1980  

Central School (built 1915) kept from demolition.      
    See  Saving Central School                                                                                                                         1980 

Carnegie Library again kept open and the Carnegie endowment fund and committee initiated.                     1990
Swanson Pool rebuilt and reopened as Cool Water Park.                                                                   2005
Central school again saved from demolition and strengthened seismically.                                                2005
New Fire Station 11 opened                                                                                                                 2018
Historic Carousel opened and operating.                                                                                             2018                                                           

These accomplishments have helped keep Albany the unique, enjoyable place it is today.

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