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Graduate Course Projects

Simulation of Digital Communication System for WLAN

Simulation of “Digital Communication System” for fixed wireless local area network (WLAN) using BPSK modulation with channel subjected to AWGN fading channel and Implemented channel equalizations (MLSE) to combat ISI and incorporated channel coding to experience coding gain in the designed system and did the performance analysis (EB/No) (Simulated in MATLAB)

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Wireshark and its Capabilities (CSE 5344)

Used Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) for the Frame analysis and ARP analysis (wrote a Project report about the Ethereal Capabilities, Frame Analysis and ARP analysis)


Emulate basic Functions of an IP router (CSE 5344)

Develop a simplistic uni-directional router emulator application that receives simulated IP packets in the data component of a UDP datagram, analyzes the packets, makes a routing decisions based on a static routing table, and static firewall parameters and reports information about the actions taken. (Simulated in Visual C++, with socket programming)

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Design a client - server over n\w via socket (CSE5344)

To develop client-side and server-side programs that communicates via sockets to accomplish a defined task. (Simulated in JAVA)

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 Design of Graphical  Package (CSE 5365)

Develop a graphic package for real time visualization with a features of  three dimensional composite transforms and clipping (Cohen-Sutherland line clipping Algorithm), window to view port  mapping, Parallel/ Perspective projection mapping and create a cubic patch using a Bezier geometry vector. (Simulated in Visual C++ with OPENGL)

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Design of RF Amplifier (EE 5348)

Design a stable amplifier in Advanced Design System with the following specifications

VCC                              : 10 Volt

IC                                 : 5 mA

VCE                              : 8 volt

Frequency Band           : 1 GHz to 2 GHz.

Gain                             : 5.0 dB < G < 6.0 dB.

Outside Bandwidth       : Gain < -10 dB for f < 0.5 GHz and f > 3 GHz.

Stable operation           : 500 MHz to 10 GHz. 

Input and Output Impedance      : 50 ohm

(Designed in ADS)

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 Simulation of MIMO Channel (EE 5368)

Simulation of  a MIMO system using QPSK modulation with channel subjected to Rayleigh fading channel and did performance analysis (EB/No) (Simulated in MATLAB)

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Simulation of DPCM and the Auto-correlation function of the pixels of an image (EE 5302)

Simulation of the DPCM and study the effect of source coding on the correlation between the indices of the pixel (Simulated in MATLAB)

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 Simulation of Multi rate signal processing by scaling 2-D signal with a L/M factor (EE 5350)

Scale the image using multi rate signal processing with time domain and frequency domain approach. (Simulated in MATLAB)

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Design and Simulation of Ring Oscillator (EE 5305)

Analyze the design parameters of the ring oscillators; simulate the different operations and design parameter in the PSpice.

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Write a report on OLED and its current technology

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Undergraduate Course Projects

 Study and Simulation of GSM System installed at NTC, Jwalakhe

Study of the Cellular mobile system that has been installed in Nepal Telecommunication Corporation and Simulated different the different features in of GSM. (Simulated in Visual Basic)

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Design of an Automatic Escalator

Third Year combined project with CSE and ME students 

Design of an Audio Amplifier

Second year project 

Design of DC power source

First Year Project