Here are the few softwares I developed myself related to my course works, projects or just for a fun. You can send me feedbacks, report bugs about my softwares on my email address. 


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 Computer Graphics related Softwares

VRML File loader (Download Now)

VRML is a text file format where, e.g., vertices and edges for a 3D polygon can be specified along with the surface color, image-mapped textures, shininess, transparency. (Modified version of the original code written by Yunhe Sen, Former Member VEL, UTA)

 (Developed on MS Visual C++ and OpenGL)

 Graphic Package  (Download Now)

Graphic package developed for real time visualization with a features of  three dimensional composite transforms and clipping (Cohen-Sutherland line clipping Algorithm), window to view port  mapping, Parallel/ Perspective projection mapping and create a cubic patch using a Bezier geometry vector. 

(Developed on MS Visual C++ and OpenGL)


 Telecommunication related Softwares

Erlang B Calculator ( Download Trial Version)

 The Erlang B traffic model is used by Telephone system designers to estimate the number of lines required for trunk connections. The three variables involved are Busy Hour Traffic(B.H.T), Blocking probability and Number of  lines. Calculator calculates the  no. of lines for given grade of service (G.O.S) and Busy Hour Traffic or vice versa. 

   (Developed on Visual Basic)

Erlang C Calculator (Download Trail Version)

This calculator, which is based on the Erlang C traffic model, can tell you how many agents you need in your call center during an hour. To work this out, you need to know how many calls you receive during that hour, the average duration of those calls and the average delay you will tolerate in answering all your calls.

 (Developed on Visual Basic)

Time and Space Switch simulation ( Trial Version)

 It's a simple simulation of what is the major difference between time switch and space switch and how it works.

(Developed on Visual Basic)

Study and Simulation of GSM System installed at NTC, Jwalakhel in Visual Basic 6.0 Undergraduate Capstone Project (Download Now)

Study of the Cellular mobile system that has been installed in Nepal Telecommunication Corporation and Simulated different the different features in of GSM.

 (Developed on Visual Basic)

ISDN user part Decoder (Download Trial Version)

The ISDN User Part (ISUP), a key protocol in the SS7/C7 signaling system, defines the protocol and procedures used to set-up, manage, and release trunk circuits that carry voice and data calls over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) between different switches. This decoder can decode major message type. (IAM, ACM, ANM, REL RLC)

  (Developed on Visual Basic)


Softwares for FUN

Tic-Tac-Toe (Download Now)

One of the popular game which played between two players.  Provides three levels of difficulty; Easy, Medium and Hard.

(Developed on Visual Basic)

Sliding Puzzle (Download Now)

Another popular game. To arrange all the random distributed numbers in sequential numbers in fastest time.

(Developed on Visual Basic)

GRE Hangman (Download Trial Version)

Its a simple hangman program developed in Visual Basic to practice GRE vocabulary words

(Developed on Visual Basic)

Disclaimer: Software downloaded from this webpage is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. I will not be liable to you or any third parties for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages or in connection with the use of these software. The use of the software downloaded through the this page is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system.