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Dianne J. Moore is a professional writer who currently lives in Michigan. 

This site offers resources for writing, plus information about my writing and career.

I have been a freelance writer since 1983, specializing in spirituality, pop psychology, health, parenting, and general interest. I've written articles on a wide range of diverse topics from varicose veins to school yard bullying from personal profiles to the pros and cons of mega churches.

I've been widely published in magazines, newspapers, websites, newsletters, blogs, and pamphlets. I am the author of two books; A Maze of Grace: Claiming Your Twelve Powers and A Maze of Grace Prayers in addition to contributing to a parenting book, Discovering Motherhood

One of my articles about the weather was incorporated into a college text, New Beginnings: Writing With Fluency Houghton Mifflin, 2000) to teach students how to write from experience, how to write from resources, and how to fluently move from sentences to paragraphs.

Editors repeatedly comment that I write tight, that they like my style. My writing is firmly grounded in research, interviews and clarity.

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