Have you ever wondered about what is behind a résumé? While it does all start at my resume to understand my professional vision, the stories within my resume not only provide more depth but depict my passions, motivation and aspirational goals.

Within the academics section, the classes that significantly changed my course are not listed but narrated through my selected focus on pivotal classes. It then foreshadows and expands on how I got involved in academic research. Then, through my experiences Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) and Summer University Srebrenica  I developed a regional focus: Balkans. This direction motivated me not only to research but to want to make a change, which inspired me to develop and refine my leadership skills.
Thus, I work to develop my leadership skills through my participation in AIESEC, my leadership minor and other academic experiences. My leadership journey began with my involvement in AIESEC Houston. However, it is seems to have just begun.

Please pardon my dust. I am currently reconstructing my site.