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Diane M. Ruszczyk

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I have led many lives.  As a Gemini, it is what we do. Beginning with my childhood, and family.  With all my cousins, it is a large, loving family. There were the picnics and hiking in the park, the vacations at the beaches, the dancing at the parties.  Yes, music was always very important to me.... from my accordion lessons, which began at age 5, to my love of The Beatles, The Rogues, and Mario Lanza ... to my love of  The Mazowsze Polish Folk Ensemble, and my own Polish song and dance troupe, Matusz, as well as the world of ballroom dance. I performed on stage and taught dance in the studio.  I danced because I loved the music.
I also loved the attention, and so for me there was also the world of the fashion model, the radio disc jockey, the TV news announcer and host, even the winery tourguide. I was always learning something and teaching it to others.  It all had to be new and different, for Geminis are sprinters, not marathon runners.  Passionate about something until it has been exhausted, and then we move on to something new.  And move, I did.
Eventually travel became my life.  But not just any travel... the more exotic the better.  Having begun my travels with the country that owned my heart, Poland, and the country that thrilled me, Egypt, I sought out places that promised something unique and adventurous. Rather than visit countries that are close, and well known, I traveled to Asia and the far east.  I learned languages and studied archaeology, and loved every minute of it.  

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