Block printing is my current passion

The block art on this site is from original drawings, hand carved on wood or linoleum blocks 
and printed on archival paper with water based inks or gouache.  Each print is unique in color and texture.
 "Brown Pelican" 7"x11" lino 

Brown Pelican lino 7" x 14" 

                              "Sunflower Bee"  12"x18" lino
Sunflower Bee I lino 12" x 18"

"Blackbirds"  (12" x18") is a woodblock pastel or mixed media painting.

    The process of block printing produces art that stands on its own merit.
But it also has a versatility that encourages experimentation. In "Blackbirds" the design has been used as the under drawing for a pastel painting. A brief description follows:
     First a design or image was drawn and transferred onto a woodblock. The block was carved. Then a water based pale yellow ink was brushed onto the carved surface. A sheet of paper was placed on the inked block and  pressure was applied with a hand held baren. "Blackbirds" was
printed on black paper.  Pastels add highlights and color.


   A look at the transformation...   from the simple print on the right to a nearly finished pastel  woodblock print on the left.

            " Smith Mountain Lake" lino tryptik

                        "Seamaid II - Looking UP" 12"x18" lino

                                "Seamaid I"  12"x18" lino


                     " Marsh Oak"  18"x12' lino (three blocks)