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My Students' Work

Research with CMC and Other Claremont University Students: Being involved in research is an important part of a quality education. I always have a group of students working with me and working independently under my supervision on a wide range of research topics. Here is a sample of student research:

  • Heather Butler: “The Halpern Critical Thinking Assessment Predicts Real-world Outcomes”
  • Michael Toma: "Cognitive Abilities of Elite Natinally-Ranked SCRABBLE and Crossword Experts"
  • Brandon Brown: "Using the Race Card: When and Why it Works"
  • Courtney Dern: “Work and Words: The Effects of Work-Family Conflict and Parental Beliefs About Early Learning on Preschoolers’ Vocabulary”
  • David I. Miller: “Longitudinal Impacts of 3-D Spatial Training Among Gifted STEM Undergraduates
  • Clayton Stephenson, doctoral dissertation: “Does training to increase working memory improve fluid intelligence?”
  • Anna Beninger: "Ask for It: The Impact of Self-Esteem, Situational Characterization, and Gender on Propensity to Initiate Negotiation"
  • Jonathan Strahl "Bilingualism, Motivation, and Non Verbal Abilities: A Study of High School Math Students"
  • Ana Cristina Leal: "Can Theories of Self-Efficacy Explain Migrant Student Academic Success?"
  • Karen Cheung: "Does Reading Chinese at an Early Age Enhance the Development of Children's Visual-Spatial Skills?"
  • Abby Quinn: "The Opt-Out 'Revolution': Pull to Motherhood or Escape from the Workplace?
  • Freda Feng: " The Magic of Music: Effects of Music on Mood and Memory for Old and Young Adults