Ninth Lord of the Night


Think the Maya gods are dead and buried?
Think again.

Spine tingling action combines with breathtaking suspense in Driver's brilliant, YA adventure novel, Ninth Lord of the Night where, in less than eight hours, seventeen-year-old Zack Matthews goes from California, the land of fun and sun, to a darker, less inviting third world nation and his life is changed forever.

Hated by his brother, distrusted by his uncle, and viewed only as a troublemaker by the members of his archaeological study group, Zack finds himself swept into the world of Mayan myths and legends -- a world that is his to claim -- if he only has the courage. But he must choose.

Driven by unseen forces deep within the steamy jungles of Guatemala, Zack discovers his every choice has a consequence. Between tangling with brutal murderers and vicious artifact smugglers, the only person Zack can turn to is Maria, a beautiful young girl equally plagued by the demons of her own heritage.

Will Zack fulfill his destiny--a destiny he neither wants nor desires? Will he let go of the precious Mayan artifact he possesses? Or will he use it to redeem himself in the eyes of his family? Get your copy of Ninth Lord of the Night and find out today.

Ninth Lord of the Night

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Reviews :
"Attention grabbing from the start - a compelling read for both YA and adult audiences.

Zach and his brother Kyle are shipped off to their uncle at an archaeological dig in Guatemala when his parents' marriage comes apart. Uncle Cliff, Kyle and even Zach see Zach as the 'bad guy' in his own life and maybe even the break-up of the marriage. But there isn't long to dwell on Zach's faults. There's more trouble almost as soon as the teens land in Guatemala...and then Zach's visions start.

Think the Maya Gods are dead and buried?"
Lynnette A. Phillips

"You can tell Diana has a love and fascination for Mayan history and culture. And as you read through these pages, you'll find that her fascination is contagious. She draws you right into the story with engaging prose, rich with imagery, and characters that jump up off the page and feel like people you know. There's mystery, history, archeology, suspense and murder...all perfectly balanced. Should you buy a copy of Ninth Lord of the Night? Absolutely."

David Tocher


"This is a young adult book, a coming of age story, but it's great for adults too. It is a fast paced action, adventure, suspense story with strong fleshed out characters. It is set in exotic Guatemala in the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal. It includes realistic paranormal elements as the author draws from ancient Mayan Myths and Maya beliefs. It also includes reincarnation memories. I highly recommend this fast, fun read."

Cornelia Amiri


"Mystery, intrigue and Mayan history await the reader of this exciting book. As I read, I was enveloped not only with Zack's problems but also with the Guatemalan jungle, which wrapped about me and drenched me in sweat, heat and history. In fact, Diana Driver's descriptive writing pulled me into the story so well that in reading the last few chapters I was caught up both in the mad dash of Zack and my own need to see how it ended. I literally was reading on the edge of the couch, I was so excited by the story. Diana Driver obviously knows about the Mayan civilization and that area of the world. She also knows how to spin a great yarn. I can't wait to read her next book! Mucho bueno!"

Jo Hiestand

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