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Okay, Okay (2012)
Truck Books
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reviewed @ The Rumpus and @ The Constant Critic

BREAK UP (2015)
Troll Thread

Universe (Dec. 2014)
Ugly Duckling Presse
reviewed @ New Pages

Some Shit Advice (Dec. 2014)
The Physiocrats 

23 Women to Kiss Before you Die (March 2015)
Make Now Books 

Resident, BHQFU, summer 2015

+ (work appears within):

The Fanzine (2016)
"Persuasive Essay for Sex Ed" 

"Essay on Bad Writing" 

"We Always Treat Women Too Well"

Rabbit Poetry (2015)
"Advice on Fear and Trembling" 
Arava Review (2015)
"God's Advocate" 
Imperial Matters (2014)
"Some More Shit Advice" 
P-Queue (2013)
"Shit Advice Columnist" 
Bomb (2013)
West Wind Review (2013)
 from "Shit Advice Columnist"
Birkensnake (2013)
The Claudius App 3 (2012)
Mondo Bummer (2012)
"The Crying Library"
Two Serious Ladies (2012)"Hair-pulling"
Model Homes issue 4 (2011)
from Okay, Okay
The Recluse 7 (2011)"Recourse"

ASBDQ (2011)

EOAGH 6: Peripheral Writing (2010)
Esopus 14 (2010)
 "The Irenologist"
 in "The Suzanne Bocanegra Recipe Card Library"
 download entire pdf here
The Physical Poets Home Library Volume 4 (2010) from "Let It Out"

Nap (2010)
from Okay, Okay 
The Portable Boog City Reader 3 (2009) "No Exit" (page 10)
mid(rib) poetry issue 2 (2008) from Soft Snap
Essays & other things: 

"Fictional Poetry." Forthcoming in Crude Love. 

Prelude Magazine, "Essay on Bad Writing," October 2015

Review of No, Wait. Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself by Robert Fitterman in Coldfront Magazine, August 2014. 
Interview with Kristen Gallagher in Jacket2
 “Should we take poetry’s politics literally?” Review of Josef Kaplan's Democracy is Not for the People in The Believer Magazine 95, January, 2013.
Out of the soup and into the blue.” Chapter in re: evolution by Kim Rosenfield. Los Angeles, CA: Les Figues Press, 2009.


some readings:

Segue Reading Series, NY, NY, (Dec 12)
Prelude Release Party, Baby's Alright, Brooklyn, NY (Nov.)
Unnameable books, Brooklyn, NY (Oct. 22)
St. George's English Bookshop, Berlin, Germany (July)
BHQFU, Make Now Books release party (May 23)
UDP Hobart (Apr. 25)
21C Museum Hotel, Durham, NC (March 27)
Capricious Gallery, NY, NY (Feb. 18)
PRB Offsite, LA, CA (Jan. 16)
Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, NY, NY (Dec. 8, 8PM)
Lighght Reading Series, Ugly Duckling Presse, NY, NY (Sept 21, 4PM)
Poets in the Garden Reading Series, McNally Jackson Bookstore, NY, NY (July)
Poetry & Poetics Reading Group, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (Mar.)
Ruthless Grip Poetry Series, Washington, D.C. (Oct.)
The Museum of Modern Art, “Transform The World! Poetry Must Be Made by All!,” NY, NY (Apr.)
The Toronto New School of Writing, Toronto, ON (Apr.)
The Red Rover Series, Chicago, IL (Nov.)
The New Cadence Poetry Series, Santa Cruz, CA: (Oct.)
Release party for Truck Books, Private Line Series, Brooklyn, NY (May)
The Segue Series at The Bowery Poetry Club, NY, NY (Apr.)
Kelly Writer’s House at the University of Pennsylvania, Emergency Series, Philadelphia, PA 
The Segue Series at The Bowery Poetry Club, NY, NY (Feb.)
 The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, NY, NY (Jan)
Ceptuetics, radio interview on WNYU
The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, NY, NY (May)


PhD in Comparative Literature, Cornell University 

Writing Teacher / Scholar / etc