Things by Diana Hamilton


Okay, Okay (2012)
  Truck Books
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   reviewed @ The Rumpus and @ The Constant Critic

Universe (forthcoming summer 2014)
  Ugly Duckling Presse 

+ (work appears within):

P-Queue (2013)
"Shit Advice Columnist" 

Bomb (2013)

West Wind Review (2013)
from "Shit Advice Columnist"


The Claudius App (2012)


"The Crying Library"

Two Serious Ladies
(2012) "Hair-pulling," "Hats"

Model Homes issue 4 (2011)
from Okay, Okay

The Recluse 7 (2011)"Recourse"

ASBDQ (2011)


EOAGH 6: Peripheral Writing (2010)

Esopus 14 (2010)
    "The Irenologist"
in "The Suzanne Bocanegra Recipe Card Library"

    download entire pdf here 

The Physical Poets Home Library Volume 4 (2010)
    from "Let It Out"

Nap (2010)
     from Okay, Okay )

The Portable Boog City Reader 3 (2009   "No Exit" (page 10)

mid(rib) poetry issue 2 (2008)   from Soft Snap

Co-coordinator (with Nicole Wallace) of the Friday Night Series at the St. Mark’s Poetry Project 2008-9

Editor of The Minetta Review at NYU 2007-8