TV3 Monthly Assignments



Does the movie work as an interesting story all the way through?

Did the movie make you care about what happens to the characters?

Was there anything about the movie you would have done differently?

Did the movie teach you anything about how to handle problems or relationships in your own life?

Was the movie better or worse than you expected it to be?

Would you recommend this movie to family or friends?

Would you want to view this movie with a family member?

Do you think the movie was rated correctly?


·   Locate a film review written by a critic.  This can be in the newspaper or online.  Examine the ways the critic writes the review.  Rent the film or go to the theater and view the film (or you may choose to use a film that you have recently viewed).

Write down your own review of the film.  Does your opinion agree or disagree with the critic.  How?

Attach the review you read.



According to an Associated Press/American Poll, 47% of people  surveyed said movies are getting worse.  Discuss this topic with at least two mentors or family members who are older than you.  Ask them if they think movies are better or worse than they used to be. 

·   Write three paragraphs about why you think movies are better or worse than they were in the past.  Write another paragraph that discusses the opinion(s) of the people you interviewed.


 I Know You

     As movie viewers, we like believable characters. 

·   Find an article in the newspaper or magazine about an interesting person (does not necessarily have to be an actor).  List five facts about the person that you learned from reading the article.  Then write one paragraph about how and why you relate to this real life character.

     Attach the article you read.




Media conveys messages and there are many type of media.  An ad, a poster and a billboard is designed to persuade viewers to see a particular movie.  Check out the posters at theaters, the billboards you see on the highway (and even on busses) or even the promotional ads in the newspaper.  Notice the persuasive words and the appealing pictures.

·   Choose a movie you have produced this semester.  Create a poster advertisement for that movie.  You may use original artwork or other.  (NOTE:  If you use anything other than original, please indicate on back where artwork was found.)


You’ve had some experience producing movies this semester.  Hopefully, you understand that it takes more than just the actors to make a movie successful. 

·   Choose one of the following professions in the film industry:

     Producer; Writer; Director; Production Designer; Costume       
     Designer; Director of Photography; ProductionManager;           
        Grips/Prop Handlers/Script Assistant; Special Effects Director

o       Research the job responsibilities/salary/working conditions

o       Create a poster or ad persuading someone to take the job





On paper, create a backdrop design for the Live on 5 News Show that could feasibly be made into a banner.  The design should be neat and readable. 

Call local businesses and find out cost to make a 9ft. wide by 4 ½ ft. long banner.  Write the business and the cost on the back of the design.