Television Production 3 & 4

Level 3 and 4 students have mastered Adobe Premiere and After Effects software and should be producing projects at an advanced level.  Concepts and execution will be critiqued using stricter guidelines.
Students will work independently on client projects that are non-classroom related. These productions will better prepare them for real-world assignments. Besides developing public relations skilss, they will be making shooting and editing decisions that are client driven.

A wide range of class productions will be assigned.


Instructional Video-The objective of this project is to create a video that instructs the audience how to do something.  The level should fit the target audience.


Storytelling with still shots-The objective of this project is to write/tell a cohesive, imaginative story given a variety of still shot photos.  FCP motion must be applied to pictures.  VO and music tracks must be used for various scenes.  


Movie short and a trailer-The objective of this project is to produce a movie short.  Genres are randomly chosen (along with a prop and movie line).   Deadlines will be given for each phase of production.


Level 3 and 4 students will also work as part of the Live on 5 news team.
Students are assigned 9 week (monthly) out of class assignments as well.