The Tradition of Engagement Rings

As nearly as historians can pin it down, the engagement ring began as a be trothal or "truth" ring in ancient Rome. The tradition of wearing it on the third finger of the left hand also began in Rome, whose congress with Egypt convinced them that the vein of that particular finger led directly to the heart. The Romans were also the first to begin inscribing and engraving their rings, especially engagement rings. Diamonds were in use even in those early days, prized for their supernatural abilities to guard the wearer from poison, insanity and fears.                                                 

The Middle Ages, from 500 A.D. to a round 1500 A.D. saw new developments for bridal jewelry. The rings were called Gimmal or "bond" rings and set with sapphires, rubies and emeralds for those who could afford them. The wealthiest suitors gave diamond bond rings for very romantic reasons. Since diamonds were known to be the strongest mineral, resistant to both fire and steel they symbolized an unbreakable love.
In 1215, Pope Innocent III enacted a longer waiting period between engagement and marriage and most lovers presented their bride to be with a ring of plain gold, silver or iron. The aristocracy began to add gems in order to distinguish themselves from the "common folk" and indeed, laws were even passed to prevent a nyone but the wealthy from wearing precious stones. The laws eventually relaxed enough to allow the middle classes to wear jewels if they could afford them. Six-stone engagement rings were common then, containing the birthstones of the bride and groom in the center, flanked by the birthstones of their parents. Many of these rings also had compartments to accommodate a treasured lock of the suitor's hair.
In 1477, Maximilian the Archduke of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond betrothal ring, beginning the tradition of diamond engagement rings in Europe. Still, only the wealthiest families could afford them, as there were very few places from which they were mined. The Italians thought that diamonds ensured a pleasant marriage and kept a couples' love alive. This lore made the diamond even more popular near the end of the Middle Ages.
In the 18th century, more diamonds were discovered in Brazil. The supply and demand became more balanced so many more people were able to afford to give diamond rings as be trothal gifts. Cluster engagement rings were fashionable among the rich of this era. Then, in 1870, the Kimberley diamond region was discovered in South Africa and diamonds became even more affordable. As more men were able to buy their brides to be diamonds, the wealthy classes began using birthstones in betrothal rings to separate themselves from the "vulgarity" of the lower classes. Not willing to abandon diamonds altogether, however, they often used diamonds as accents to the sapphires, emeralds aquamarines and topaz that were the central stones of the rings. The Regards and Dearest rings were also presented upon betrothal, the words spelled out with gems whose names represented the letters in those words.
The diamond engagement ring really caught on, particularly in America, when the DeBeers company began a concerted campaign to boost sales that were flagging due to the financial hardships of the 1920's and 30's. The 1947 slogan "A Diamond is forever" was the first in a series of successful advertising strategies. It worked so well that, coupled with another campaign to encourage families to keep diamond jewelry as family heirlooms, the demand for the stone skyrocketed.
Today, the diamond engagement ring is here to stay. 78% of all engagement rings purchased are diamonds set in gold, silver or platinum. Other countries have adopted the tradition of engagement rings, too. In Egypt, Brazil and many European nations, the groom also receives an engagement ring and in Spain, a woman will often buy her lover an engagement watch.Heirloom Engagement Rings
An heirloom engagement ring generally indicates that a young couple would like to emulate the special significance of another family marriage. Many parents or grandparents, enjoy passing on jewelry to bring blessings and good fortune upon a new union in marriage. However, the difficulty lies in which ring to choose that will represents both sides of the family. This decision might become an emotional issue so you have to decide if wearing an inherited ring is right for you and your fiance. Engagement rings are wonderful momentos to pass on to family members. But ultimately it is up to the bride-to-be to choose whether or not she would like to wear jewelry that be longed to another.
There are many types of heirlooms that may be used as engagement rings. The engagement ring could be re-manufactured using another piece of jewelery that has been in the family for generations. If both sides of the family of the affianced would like them to have heirlooms that is passed down, crafting a new ring using pieces of both rings is a good option to overcome any emotive issues. An heirloom ring does not necessarily have to be a typical engagement ring; it could also be an anniversary band, antique ring or ring of any other description, that is passed down.

If the bride does not like the ring regardless of which side of the family it comes from, this might cause problems. Also to be considered is, if there is a sibling who would also like to wear the same heirloom. In this instance the ring could be split and the setting given to one sibling while the other makes use of the stone. A ring that is passed down does not only signify the love of a couple for one another, it is also representative of the acceptance from the family offering the jewelry. It is also not correct to assume that the heirloom will simply be given to a couple, the owner of the ring many not want to part with it, so tact has to be engaged when requesting the use of it.
An antique ring will mean that you will be instantly wearing an heirloom engagement ring. It does not necessarily have to be passed on from mother to daughter. Jewelry may be passed on from further back in the family history, for instance a great-grandmother. We aring a ring that symbolizes a deceased family member has particular value and significance also. Sentimentality does play a part in choosing such an item and the ring that has a closer personal connection for the bride-to-be is the best route to take. For instance the bride-to-be will have a better connection with a ring that she has seen in her mothers' jewelery box, than she will with a ring that the groom has grown up admiring. It is vital that the bride-to-be likes the ring. It would be an exercise in futility trying to gether to wear something that she does not like, and besides that it would be unfair and is hardly the best way to start off a marriage.


   Variety of Engagement Rings

Being so in love that you want to get engages is a special commitment. And of course you want to mark the occasion and celebrate that special someone by buying them the perfect engagement ring! Rings are a personal sign of love and affection so it is crucial to pick the most suitable to your partner and most reflective of both of you. There are an abundance of different rings available so the world really is your oyster for choosing the perfect one for your bride to be! Although some couples choose a ring together, the task can be even more daunting if you are picking one as a surprise!
Be it gold, white gold or platinum, whatever the carat, whichever size - with diamonds, solitaire's, clusters, princess, pear, oval, emerald and many more to choose from - you can pick the perfect one for her finger. Diamond rings are probably the most popular today, and this relates back to the middle ages! Typically, simple bands were used and diamonds we reseen as a sign of status, which gradually became more and more popular.

If in doubt, check what king of jewelery she usually wears - ask her friends and if possible check her jewelery box for ideas on the metal.
Choosing an engagement ring can be even more difficult when you have certain expectations and are restricted by a certain budget. This is especially so when you envisage the perfect ring but lack the necessary money to purchase it. However all is not lost - why not try designing and making your own engagement ring? This isn't as complicated or difficult as it may sound... once you have a picture in your head of the style, color, size and settings you want simply put pen to paper to give yourself a better idea and so you can consult other if you feel the need. Think of the types of stones you want the ring to have, diamonds are obviously the most popular choice but consider other too such as rubies, opals or sapphires for instance. Have a good think about the specifics as the better idea you have the easier matching to your criteria becomes. Think about the different features of your ring and the appropriate size and shape - one that you now will be ideal for the person you're choosing to wear it. From your ideas and design check the designs that the jeweler provides against your criteria to be extra sure it is the ideal ring you wish to purchase. If you feel you lack the confidence or are unsure about exactly what it is you want, why nor search online for the perfect ring or visit a jeweler or designer for some hints and ideas. They have an abundance of experience in this field so you don't have to go it alone. There are various places to search for and fine the perfect engagement ring check out where's nearest and mo st suitable to you!

  What need to know before a purshase any engagement rings?

Your engagement ring can be incredibly beautiful, and is an important part of your life. However, there are lots of rings out there and a lot of terms that you might not be familiar with. That makes picking your engagement ring rather tricky.
There are three major parts to any engagement ring - the design, the stone, and the metal. The stone is generally a diamond, and the metal is usually gold, but other options are available.
Choosing A Stone You may already be aware of the diamond grading system. It's based on what are called the four Cs - Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.
Pay close attention to diamond quality when you buy, but you don't have to buy the very best diamond. Lower quality stones often look the same to the naked eye, and can save you a lot of money.
Choosing a metal the majority of engagement rings are made using either platinum or gold. Gold comes in a number of grades, from about ten karat to twenty-four karat, and in a number of colors from white and yellow to rose.
Eighteen karat gold is probably the most popular engagement ring choice, but ten and fourteen karats are chosen by some because they're stronger. These less pure alloys are harder to dent and scratch.
Platinum is an interesting but costly gold alternative that looks a lot like white gold. However, it's harder than gold and there are a number of differences between the two.
Design and Your engagement ring Your engagement ring design is a choice that's very personal, whether you go with a pre-existing ring or have a custom one made. Semi-custom options are also available, and allow you to choose band width, stone, and other elements to create your own special ring.
Remember that there are four basic elements to a good engagement ring design. These are practicality and comfort, strength, and appearance. Without these four elements, your ring just won't live up to its potential.
An attractive, durable, comfortable ring depends on the way you live and work. A higher setting looks pretty, but is prone to catch on things, making it a hazard in some conditions.
That means that if you're a mechanic, you'll be putting your engagement ring through a lot more than you would if you worked in an office. Think about how and where your ring will be worn when you pick out the design. This is the reason that some people pick a less pure alloy when they decide on gold for their rings. This is a stronger material. Sturdier ring designs and the choice of platinum for the metal can also help.
The setting determines how secure the stones are, with prong settings being less secure. More prongs makes a stronger setting, and a bezel type is even stronger. Look for low, heavy settings if you're looking for strength, and light, high settings for appearance.

   Diamond Engagement Rings - Details for Choosing a Diamond

The solitaire diamond ring is the engagement ring that everyone pictures. And with good reason.
Although other gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires are be coming fashionable for engagement rings, a solitaire diamond is still the classic, safe choice.
Why? Because a diamond is traditional, and it goes with everything from blue jeans to a little black dress.

  How to choose a good diamond
You've probably heard about the 4Cs: clarity, color, cut and carat. Before you buy a diamond, make sure it has been independently appraised for all four of these qualities.
Clarity: this refers to the purity of the diamond, and it's the primary factor in determining the price. Clarity refers to how easily you can see imperfections in the diamond. The fewer the flaws, the more the light is reflected, and the more the sparkle.
Color: This is where the diamond gets it sparkle. Diamonds range from colorless to faint yellow. The brightest and most expensive have the least color.
Carat: this is the weight of the diamond, which determines its size. Diamonds are measured in carats, with 1 carat weighing 0.2 grams.
Cut: This is the diamond's shape. A diamond with a good cut means that all the facets are in the right proportions to each other, and different shapes, such as emerald, oval or round, have different, perfect, angles.
Avoid Conflict or Blood Diamonds
Blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are stones from countries such as Angola, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the proceeds fund military and terrorist operations. While wars in many of those places have decreased in intensity, blood diamonds from certain areas are still being sold, and have caused massive human suffering.
Your engagement ring should reflect your joy and love. You can do your part by ensuring that the proceeds from your diamond will not been used to harm people in other countries. Jewelers committed to selling conflict - free diamonds often have systems in place to ensure no blood diamonds get in. Ask them about certification to ensure that the diamonds are conflict free.
Buying an engagement ring can be confusing. There are several other aspects that you should be a ware of in choosing the gem and the setting, before you buy that special engagement ring.

   Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding a perfect pair of ring to seal a promise could be at some point exhausting yet you still find yourself in the midst of this seemingly endless hunt for those perfect bands. After all, you would not go through much of these frets if not for one ultimate goal, that is to finally say yes to "forever". And what could best symbolize this promise of enduring love than a diamond ring.
Diamond rings signify love, dedication, and loyalty a couple shares. Choosing a design for engagement rings says a lot about personalities and characters of couples.
Couples who prefer traditional look goes for an emerald cut diamond engagement rings. Aside from its stunning vintage look, this ring also comes in a surprisingly reasonable price.
Emerald cut diamond engagement ring was one of the foremost innovations of the wealthy class during the reign of Pope Innocent III. Originating from plain metal bands, decorative rings were invented having gemstones incorporated in its design. These rings bear initials conveying affection and honor. These initials were expressed by using sentimental gems that literally spells "regards". Stones used were emerald, ruby, and garnet among others.
The first emerald cut diamond engagement ring was recorded in 1477, upon engagement of Mary of Burgundy to Archduke Maximillian of Austria.
The emerald cut diamond engagement ring has a rectangular shaped diamond with slightly cropped corners. Originally, this method of cutting was intended for emeralds, however, by giving consideration to market demands and favoring its sophisticated shape or appearance, the cut was later used on diamonds too.
Thus, emerald cut diamond engagement rings came out. This kind however has few facets as compared to other cuts. Due to this, clarity is quite affected. Clarity refers to the translucency or flawlessness of the stone.
Yet ironically, that same shape all the more adds to the popularity of this brand for emerald shapes are found to create balance to the elongated shape of the finger, leaving the hand with that graceful, elegant look.

   Heart Diamond Engagement Ring - How Romantic

Diamonds are very much influenced by the wealthy and well-known. They are expensive and really symbolical. Many celebrities, famous people are into diamonds thats why the public follow the trend.
The word "diamond itself says a lot, rare, beautiful, expensive, precious, genuine, desirable and brilliant. There are many types of diamond rings. They come in different shapes, styles and colors. What is so special about heart diamond engagement rings? If you are to choose a diamond engagement ring, would you like this type?

Heart diamond engagement rings are very popular type of diamond engagement rings. Not only that it is a sign of engagement, the heart-shape itself symbolizes love. It can be considered as the most sentimental and romantic. That is why it is very meaningful to those who are given this type of engagement ring.
So, it is not unbelievable that many couples choose this type as the symbol of their love. But couples should decide carefully in choosing this shape because it could be so common or too bold.
Heart diamond engagement rings are beautiful and are more unique than standard diamond shapes. It can be very timeless and elegant. They can be very expensive but there are also many less expensive ones which are available in the market.
Many couples consider and purchase this type and shape because it says a lot and is a direct and clear representation of their unity and commitment to each other.
There are jewelers who can cut diamonds into any shape that you like. There are even available diamonds which are already cut into a heart-shape. Heart diamond engagement rings can either be flat or elongated.
Thats why you can customize and personalize your own diamond engagement ring. This makes the engagement more personal and meaningful. So by the time you have the chance to choose an engagement ring, you might want to consider this style.

   Two Tone Engagement Rings - A Contemporary Look

There is more to two tone engagement rings than the traditional gold and diamond patterns. These rings are more striking as the central point is no longer on the diamond or gemstone of the ring. Celtic engagement rings are usually crafted by taking into the account the wearerТs personal lifestyle and preferences.
As women want something unique when it comes to their engagement ring, they are looking beyond the traditional gold engagement rings. They want to see unique detail within their ring -- where the setting, shank, band and accents blend to create a beauty that is distinctly all its own.
The two tone Celtic ring is a perfect choice as it provides everything they are looking for within a ring. It has its own distinct beauty, blends in well with different lifestyles and can easily be made to suit their personal preferences. With a wide range of choices available in rings, the two tone Celtic rings are very popular nowadays. These traditional Irish Celtic rings are crafted by using different metals, gemstones, and settings. The different metals that are used to create a very unique and beautiful contrast are gold (white or yellow) and platinum. These metals seem to be the most popular among those seeking two tone Irish Celtic jewelry.
The gemstones are set within mountings that are then attached to the ring's band. Choosing the best setting depends on the unique personalities and styles of both the wearer and the ring settings. The way to really know which is best is by trying on different styles until one is found that suites the wearer. While one is trying on unique styles, couples need to remember to take into account the different gemstone shapes and sizes that can affect the look of the setting.
Small gemstones can often disappear, if the setting is thick and elaborate, where as larger gemstones look just look ostentatious, within small settings. Also take into account the color of the gemstones when choosing different styles, as some radiate more than others within a two tone setting.
The art of hand crafting Irish Celtic jewelry, that is both classic yet unique, is not very hard to do when one uses different metals and gemstones. Though, if one is crafting Celtic rings, there are some things that need to be known be forehand. When choosing the best metals that compliment though still offer a high-quality contrast, itТs best to know the wearerТs personal preference and lifestyle before one can begin crafting as the choice relies upon knowing this information. To go about doing this one will need to know: 
* the behavior of the wearer, as elevated settings can effortlessly be broken by various activities 
* If the piece of jewelry has a message or meaning that the giver wants to be a symbol of the gift. Is the ring for a special occasion or is it a "just because" gift?
The more you know about the wearer's lifestyle and preferences the better. Knowledge of this is the key to crafting and picking out the one Celtic engagement ring that is perfect.

   1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Natural diamonds are dear. But its the most appropriate gift the beau can give to his beloved fianc. Time and again, it has always been a universal part of the matrimonial custom to give a diamond ring during a marriage proposal. It is a perfect gift for the suitor to express his intentions of tying the knot and a definite symbol of eternity - - of enduring love and affection.

Expressing love through diamond engagement ring though can sometimes be an expensive thing to do so that is where your creativity comes in. You dont need to be too grand with carats when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring and then spend much money for it to please a woman.

Settle for the 1 carat diamond engagement ring and you can have a lot of choices of styles to find that perfect ring suited for your loved one.

1 carat diamond engagement rings are available in different designs and for sure, one of them would make a perfect fit for your fianc and will surely be appreciated. The design will vary on the shape of the diamond. You may also take a look at the cut and how clear it is.

Also, do not base your buying of the engagement ring on the size of the diamond alone. 1 carat diamond engagement ring is enough already to cover the beauty, elegance and expensive characteristics of an engagement ring that every woman dreams of having.

But then, if you are really after the size, then strategically choose the one that would appear big, like the marquise or the pear type of engagement ring. You may also consider the accents around the diamond and the ones on the band. Also, white gold or the platinum engagement ring will also support and accentuate the beauty and the shine of the 1 carat diamond engagement ring.

The gist of choosing a 1 carat diamond engagement ring is to be practical and at the same time, find a design that will emphasize the beauty of the ring. After all, simplicity is always the key to elegance and it should not be expensive.

Now just think of how you can give that 1 carat diamond engagement ring you have finally chosen for your fiance and propose. Now that should be romantic and grand!

   2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement is one of the occasions that a woman longs to celebrate with her loved one because it is here that she feels how she is valued and loved as a woman, and it gives her the pleasure of being given the gift of love, both in material and in acts.

Let your fiances feel how much you are willing to spend to have a lifetime with her with an engagement ring that will reflect on the love that you have and how you value her like a precious jewel, with of course without much of a cost.

And so a 2 carat diamond engagement ring is the right engagement ring to the woman who is simple yet so elegant in her ways. It is not too big and not too small, which can be a good factor to the ring since the beauty will not only focus on the diamond alone but in the totality of the engagement ring as well.

The 2 carat diamond engagement ring allows you to choose from the wide array of bands where it is attached and so the value of the engagement ring does not lie only on the diamond but also to the band.

One of the popular 2 carat diamond engagement rings that are being sold in the jewelry is the one that has a 14K carat white gold. This ring has been an attention-seeker because of its simple nature. It is not too showy in the sense but a head turner in a way.

You may also add emphasis to this diamond engagement ring by choosing the cut that will make it appear bigger and unique. This is one of the wisest ways on how to choose the right diamond engagement ring without you investing much of your money.

So challenge yourself to get a 2 carat diamond engagement ring that will describe your fianc well and will describe and tell the kind of love that you have in store for her for a lifetime.

The 2 carat diamond engagement rings simplicity will balance the love that you have in action and in how you feel for her. Then the ring will not draw much attention on the material value but on the thought that you have put into the ring that made it very special and will remind of the lifetime that you have to bring.

So what can a two in a stone do in a lifetime? A vow that you will love and cherish her forever.

   3 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Queen Elizabeth received a platinum ring that is designed in small stones. To complete this elegance of this fine piece of this elegant band is that, it has a diamond as its main stone.

This 3 carat diamond engagement ring has made Queen Elizabeth three times a lady. Have you ever wondered how a lady like Queen Elizabeth feels like to have received such gift and how it was delivered unto her?

3 carat diamond engagement ring can be a perfect idea to express everything that you want your fianc to know how you see her as a woman and as a person. It is like telling her that she is truly three times a lady.

The engagement ring with 3 carat of diamond stone has a lot of styles and they are placed in a lot of bands plated with either white gold or in platinum. 3 carat diamonds are given more emphasis and it will be appreciated when plated with colorless shade.

Now if you want to choose a ring whose band is also beaded with stones, then choose the one that is cushion cut half moon and the 3 carat diamond engagement ring will be as elegant as ever because all the stones would come together and make a fine ring for your love.

The 3 carat diamond engagement ring can be one of the objects of any girls affection and envy somehow by others. It can able to capture this childish but quite a cute fantasy of hers.

With that, you can definitely make her feel that you understand her and you love her for that. It is always means something to a lady if you can capture all of her dreams and you understand how she feels and how much you appreciate her with that.

So how would a lady feel when you offer a 3 carat diamond engagement ring as a sign of your purest intentions of her and having her for the rest of your life? Go on and set up the most romantic way to present that proposal of marriage to her and find out how amazingly triples the kind of lady you always dreamed of sharing the rest of your life with.

   4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

How does one promise eternity? To whom should you promise this? After a long wait for that right woman to come along and for a long time you have spent time with her, you have finally come to realize that you don't want to let her go. So a promise needs to be sealed.

A 4 carat diamond engagement ring will be a perfect ring for your woman you want to marry and it will be the most valuable gift that you can give her. This can be a promise of what you can endure for her and the things you have in store for her.

Not only that, the 4 carat stone in the ring that you are about to give will hold the promise that she will hold dearly to her heart. And the expensive value of the engagement ring will make it her value the vow that you have.

Now when you choose the right 4 carat diamond engagement ring, you can think of her and try to associate the ring with her as you look at the different styles one by one. Knowing what she likes should not be hard for you anymore anyway.

Also the 4 carat diamond engagement ring will be a very big ring because of the size and the weight but then the band so a simple band will do. But there are 4 carat rings there that are cut in a shape that will make it appear smaller to make it simple,

Although you can still add more elegance to the 4 carat diamond engagement ring. Platinum bands will make the stone very nice to look at with a few stones at the band, like that of Jessica Simpsons engagement ring. Simple but elegant.

The 4 carat diamond engagement ring is made more interesting when it has color or when it is cut in a different shape. But then again the most ideal would be the colorless type of the ring because it will project the elegance of the 4 carat diamond so also consider that.

Choosing the style of the engagement ring for your bride to be is one thing that you need to think about and the use of best judgment will make it really special and makes the upcoming wedding really more exciting. After all, the fact that you want to give a 4 carat diamond engagement ring to the one you love is already a proof that the wedding you have in store for her and the lifetime you promise her is something far more than what she expects it to be.

   5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Eternity is something long to commit. And the assurance of it will take you forever to express which you might forget sometime in your life as you live it with your special someone.

And so to remind the eternity that you want to offer to your loved one, and to know that the promise will definitely won't break, a priceless gesture of giving her the expensive diamond engagement ring will give her the idea that the eternity you offer is something that you really value, and she should too.

The 5 carat diamond engagement ring might be an expensive idea for a band but it will make a great impact to the one whom you will give it to. Diamonds of this kind are big and you should have the band around it as simple as possible to give emphasis to the stone.

Since the one that you are looking for is very hard to look for and risky as well, it is recommended that you look for your ideal 5 carat diamond engagement ring online so you can see it closely plus it has description to give you an idea of which design you will choose.

And they can also be availed on an installment basis so that is quite a nice deal for those who want to be practical with elegance.

One best buy and is usually the choice of celebrities is the Zirconia diamond engagement ring. Its blackish- colored band will be an object of everyones attention and the woman who wears it will make her feel so special. It is because of the uniqueness of the ring and it is something that you really dont see anywhere everyday.

Among the celebrities who made 5 carat diamond engagement ring such a popular choice was Tom Cruise, who gave an oval shaped diamond with pave setting to Katie Holmes. Kate Hudson also had hers from her rock star husband which was an asscher cut. Madonna also had one from Guy Ritchie. So thats one way to make your fiance feel like a celebrity as well.

In spite of the expensive value of a 5 carat diamond engagement ring, this ring is one ideal and the most elegant idea that you give to your special someone to let her feel how much you are willing to spend and to go to for her. Winning her affection can be done with something glittering, not because of materialism, but the thought that it measures, the weigh of love.

   How Can I Find a Cheap a Low Cost Engagement Ring?

Many people find engagement ring shopping to be an extremely intimidating process. This is a big, meaningful purchase, after all. However, there are ways to save money and make the entire process a lot easier and less stressful, all at the same time!

One obvious thing that most of us know is that the bigger the diamond, the better. This fact is responsible for a lot of people's fear and anxiety when buying a ring. They're afraid of having to spend a lot to please their fiance. After all, larger diamonds mean a higher price.

Fortunately, there's some good news. You can find a larger diamond for a much smaller cost than you'd think. Just shop smart and learn about how diamonds are priced.

Here's an example to help you understand.

Every diamond out there has been graded according to four major characteristics. These are carat, clarity, cut and color. We'll take a look at color to show you more.

Diamond color is graded on a scale from D to Z, with D being the best quality. Determining a diamond's color is done under high magnification in a lab.

However, while there may be a big difference between a D diamond and an H diamond to the microscope, there's not a big difference in those four grades as far as you're concerned.

Unless you look at the diamonds beside one another, on a white background, and under close magnification, you'll never notice the difference. The naked eye just can't see that level of detail. You might spot a difference between D and I if you know what you're doing, but even grades I and J are hard to see a difference in.

So what's the point? Why pay more for diamonds graded higher when you can't tell the difference between them and one that's graded lower.

The price difference between the two ranges is enormous. You could pay thousands of dollars more for a D grade diamond. Most jewelry stores encourage buyers to choose the highest grades, of course. Most people fall into this scheme, and pay a lot more than they need to.

This is only one example of a way to save when you buy an engagement ring. Pick a diamond with a lower grade in color, and you'll be able to buy one that's a lot bigger for the same money.


   How to Buy Wholesale Engagement Rings?

Most people are aware of the importance that the engagement ceremony in life. As long as lovers look forward to the engagement ceremony, it will never stop. They will continue to buy engagement rings to show their love and commemorate the ceremony. Many different types of engagement rings are available in the market and purchasing one is a costly task. The price you pay will depend on the way you choose buy and the specific ring you choose. Engagement rings are available in gold, silver, or platinum and the gemstone of your choice, all to fit the individual tastes of the consumer.
It can be said that diamond engagement or wedding rings are by far the very best way to propose your love and many times, they are one of the most precious and cherished gifts that your spouse will possess. If you are indeed planning to purchase an engagement ring, you are probably already aware that you aren't getting out of this one cheap. You will most likely spend a significant amount of money. Many surveys have found that the average amount spent on an engagement ring is at least five thousand dollars. While this might seem excessive to some, there are many ways to reduce and cut down on your expense.
The various factors such as their weight, size and design of the diamond is a big factor in the cost of your engagement ring. If you are planning to purchase a ring on a tight budget, one of the easiest ways to save money is to choose a smaller stone and reduce the overall size of the ring.
If you are not willing or not ready to choose a smaller stone and reduce the overall size of the ring, another option is to look for a wholesale distributor of diamond engagement rings. Choosing the right wholesale distributor is the easiest way to reduce your costs. Many people prefer to purchase expensive goods from wholesale sources. Wholesale distributors operate worldwide.
If you would like to know more about buying diamond engagement rings through a wholesale distributor, I recommend that you do your research. To get started, do a quick internet search and look into the results that come up. A brief review of these websites and a good filter with appropriate keywords will narrow the results down to something manageable. Review the information you find and speak to the representatives to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your situation.