Diamond Drilling Services in London

If you're in construction, then you know that time is money and any contracting services you employ need to get the job done right first time, every time. Our diamond drilling guide below will help you find some of the best diamond drilling companies in London to help you with your construction projects.

The use of high powered drills requires expertly trained operatives to use them so we always recommend you look for a company with CSCS trained staff. Often, drilling requires working in confined spaces and also at great heights so choosing a drilling company which is flexible to meet demanding needs is important.

Although there are many drilling companies to choose from, not all are equal. Look out for evidence of past projects and testimonials from satisfied clients. This will help you determine who are the go to guys for diamond drilling.

Some companies offer a one-stop service where they can drill, cut, saw and scan all on the same day. This saves you having to hire multiple contractors to get the overall job done. One such example of this is by D-Drill Diamond Drilling London who offer multiple services in addition to drilling. (see their video below)

To give you confidence that a company is up to the job, look at their history - how long have they been in the industry for? Long standing companies will have experience on their side as well as knowledgable staff to assist you with any queries about your requirements.

London Diamond Drilling - D-Drill

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Key Questions to ask you drilling contractor?
  • Will there be any noise?
  • Will there be any dust?
  • What reinstatement work will be needed, if any?
  • What's the maximum diameter that you can drill?
  • How long will the work take?
  • How fast can you be on-site? Is short notice OK?
  • Are your workforce trained to CSCS standards?
  • Have you won any industry awards?
  • Are you a member of any trade associations or organisations?
  • Which clients have you worked for previously?

Diamond Drilling in London

Diamond Drilling London

Diamond Drilling in London

Diamond Drilling London Companies