Life With a Beagle

When most people think "Beagle" they don't often think of "cunning, smart as a fox and twice as naughty" but those big brown eyes and that innocent look are deceptive. Sure, beagles are laid-back, affectionate and can even be a little aloof but dumb? No way. Still, most beagle owners agree that the nose is the most intelligent part of their canine pal's anatomy.
Though it's not typical for a beagle to refrain from gulping down a contraband tread before his owner even knows that he has it, this wacky behavior is indicative of what makes the breed so charming-it's unpredictability and determination.

A beagle’s energy level generally changes as the dog ages. Beagle puppies are full of vigor and always ready for an exhausting romp. Teenaged  and adult beagles have a lot of stamina; after all, they’re bred for hunting and chasing game. Older beagles can fatigue easily, but that’s true of  nearly every breed

The nose itself isn’t stubborn but it’s behind some of the beagle’s seemingly stubborn behavior. Once a beagle picks up a scent, you’ll be hard pressed to regain his interest in anything else. Be careful any time your beagle is roaming free. Not only do beagles enjoy taking off after wild game, there're bred to be followed by their human companions. In other words, running after the dog only fuels the case.

Unlike some breeds, such as  Labrador retrievers, the beagle wasn’t bred to attend to his human pack. Instead he was bread to track game and follow his nose. So, you will have to go the extra mile to keep your dog concentrating on training lessons. Smelly treats to train your beagle with (I recommend freeze dried liver) help him to keep his focus on you.

The beagles temperament is legendary, and its reputation is made more of fact than fiction. This dog really is a great family member and a gentle, loving companion. Sure, the breed’s obedience skills might leave something to be desired, but many people have managed to put obedience and agility titles on their beagles. All this breed 

needs is a patient owner and a handful of liver snacks.