The Mojobone Works store

Welcome to Mojobone Works! Here you'll find examples of fine, hand-made bone guitar parts and slides. If you see anything you'd like added to your guitar, please let me know and I'll set it up! Slides and picks are available separately
                                Mojobone Slides

   These 1/2-n-1/2 slides are about the coolest around! These are contructed using real cow bone and an assortment of different exotic woods allowing for an amazing amount of sustain for playing both acoustic and electric slide. Slides like these will be available for sale shortly, along with video samples so keep checking back!

                        Mojobone Bridges

Description coming soon!
                              Mojobone parts

Along with his slides, bone nuts, saddles, bridges, and custom guitar picks are also available. The bone parts add for a truly remarkable sound! The sustain of the nut and saddle allow for better vibration to the body of the guitar, while the bone pick produces fuller volume than those store-bought plastic pick. All the wood in the above picture, including the nut and pick, are made from rare Desert Ironwood.