What is DiameterJ?
DiameterJ is a free, open source plugin created for ImageJ, ImageJ 2, and Fiji. It is a validated nanofiber diameter characterization tool that enables users to analyze an image and find the diameter of nanofibers or microfibers at every pixel along a fibers axis and produces a histogram of these diameters. Included with this histogram are summary statistics such as mean fiber diameter and most occurring fiber diameter (mode). For more information, please visit our wiki page at http://imagej.net/DiameterJ.

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How does this training course work?
This training course is designed to help you fully harness the power of DiameterJ. Our mission is to help you produce nanofiber characterization data that are more accurate and reproducible. For the sake of comprehensiveness, it is recommended that the training is taken in this following order
Initial training > Pre-Test > Training: Parts 1 - 4 > Post-Test. 

Specific training step can be accessed from the tabs above. Estimated net time of completion for the entire course is about 14 hours. Good luck!

The efficacy of this training course has been published (doi.nis.289204.269)