We are pleased to announce the workshop on Vector Semantics for Dialogue and Discourse that will be held on May 24th 2019 as part of the IWCS 2019 conference in Gothenburg.

Description: Vector models of meaning---both strictly distributional models derived directly from co-occurrence statistics, and embeddings learned using representations such as those learnt by a neural network---have revolutionised computational linguistics via their ability to reflect semantic similarities and regularities while providing flexibility to model dynamics and change. However, while there has been much recent interest in extending these models from the level of words to that of larger phrases and sentences, with its own scalability and transparency problems, and there is relatively little progress in understanding how they might apply beyond the sentence: in the realm of discourse and dialogue.

This requires a shift in perspective, moving beyond the static word/sentence view of language as a jigsaw of pieces, to a dynamic perspective seeing language as a set of mechanisms for interaction in real time, encompassing a whole range of actions both sub- and supra-sentential. At a sub-sentential level, dialogue is highly incremental: individuals can interrupt, extend, correct, or request clarification mid-turn, in effect constructing joint utterances without any sense of breakdown in the dialogue exchange.  And at the suprasentential level, we have the challenges not only of establishing coreference but of modelling the vast array of speech act effects in dialogue, and rhetorical effects in text discourse, and how they evolve.

This workshop hopes to bring together researchers using vector space methods for distributional semantics, word and sentence embeddings, and dialogue and discourse, to discuss these challenges and fill this gap.  We are planning this event as an open discussion session, with three keynote speakers, and otherwise individual participants having a short slot to discuss a presented poster, with plenty of time allowed for free interactive exchange. We are very much hoping you will be interested in participating in this event.

Organisers: Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Matthew Purver, Arash Eshghi, Julian Hough, Ruth Kempson & Pat Healey.

Programme Committee: Raffaella Bernardi, Arash Eshghi, Pat Healey, Hannah Gibson, Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Aurelie Herbelot, Julian Hough, Chris Howes, Ruth Kempson, Matthew Purver, Stephen Mcgregor, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, David Schlangen, Ye Tian, Gljs Wijnholds.