1. Introduction

This blog takes the form of a dialogue between two characters trying to make sense of life and its complexities and borders on the genre of a short story. Though the dialogues are arranged sequentially, it does not really matter if you choose to read or start with any dialogue. You can find your way through the maze.

As you read the blog, you will realize that I have drawn insights and views from a cornucopia of fields – life, poetry, philosophy, linguistics, astronomy, physics, and religion to name a few. So these ideas have already been expressed by different people over the spectra of different epochs and cultures in great depth and intensity. My role has been to weave seemingly different ideas and arguments together into a meaningful interconnected web. I’m indebted to a host of thinkers and people close to me who have helped me in the journey of life. The blog might seem grandiose to some and useful to others. Please feel free to give your feedback as comments.

A final word. One intention of this blog is to show that much of what has been pedaled around as understanding the complexities of life and making sense of it, could be misleading and killing life in the process. Of course, as critical readers you can make your own conclusions. I’ve used a pseudo name to write this blog.

I thank my elder brother, Aloy, who went through the blog in spite of his busy schedule and recommended changes.

Read on if you are still inclined to...