Dialog Maker is a utility for AppleScript user interaction commands like display dialog, choose from list, and choose file. It knows all existing parameters for each of these and allows you to create sophisticated prompts with the bare minimum of typing.

Dialog Maker takes your command’s options and turns them into a piece of script, you can then copy it or even preview it before use.

All parameters run down the left side, most of the options have tool tips to show you how the particular parameter and its options in Dialog Maker work. It is worth having a look in the StandardAdditions AppleScript dictionary for a good understanding.

All tabs have ways to speed up your workflow, including ‘reset’ which resets the tab to a blank default configuration for that tab’s command, there are also suggestions for button names, and file types etc.

Finally, if you see something that could be improved or have read these pages, including Troubleshooting and still need help then please contact me...

If you use Mail go to the help menu and (with a blank search bar) click the relevant contact option else email or use one of the following links:

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