Dialogue in Motion

"Dialogue in Motion" is an EACL 2014  workshop (Gothenburg, Sweden). It will be held on the 26th of April 2014.

Accepted long papers

In-Car Multi-Domain Spoken Dialogs: A Wizard of Oz Study
Sven Reichel, Ute Ehrlich, André Berton and Michael Weber 

Click or Type: An Analysis of Wizard’s Interaction for Future Wizard Interface Design
Srinivasan Janarthanam, Robin Hill, Anna Dickinson and Morgan Fredriksson

IBM's Belief Tracker: Results On Dialog State Tracking Challenge Datasets
Rudolf Kadlec, Jindrich Libovicky, Jan Macek and Jan Kleindienst

Accepted short papers

Navigation Dialog of Blind People: Recovery from Getting Lost
Jan Vystrcil, Ivo Maly, Jan Balata and Zdenek Mikovec

Situationally Aware In-Car Information Presentation Using Incremental Speech Generation: Safer, and More Effective 
Spyros Kousidis, Casey Kennington, Timo Baumann, Hendrik Hendrik Buschmeier, Stefan Kopp and David Schlangen

Conversational Strategies for Robustly Managing Dialog in Public Spaces
Aasish Pappu, Ming Sun, Seshadri Sridharan and Alexander Rudnicky

Human pause and resume behaviours for unobtrusive humanlike in-car spoken dialogue systems
Jens Edlund, Fredrik Edelstam and Joakim Gustafson

Recipes for building voice search UIs for automotive
Martin Labsky, Ladislav Kunc, Tomas Macek, Jan Kleindienst and Jan Vystrcil 

A Natural Language Instructor for pedestrian navigation based in generation by selection
Santiago Avalos and Luciana Benotti

Mining human interactions to construct a virtual guide for a virtual fair 
Andrés Luna and Luciana Benotti

Collaborative Exploration in Human-Robot Teams: What's in their Corpora of Dialog, Video, & LIDAR Messages? 
Clare Voss, Taylor Cassidy and Douglas Summer-Stay 

Multi-threaded Interaction Management for Dynamic Spatial Applications 
Srinivasan Janarthanam and Oliver Lemon

Mostly Passive Information Delivery – a Prototype (demo)
Jan Vystrcil, Tomas Macek, David Luksch, Martin Labsky, Kunc Ladislav, Jan Kleindienst and Tereza Kasparova

Invited talk

Dialogue Design Patterns for Reduced Distraction
Staffan Larsson



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