Creating with Reverence

Lillian introduced us to an interesting new book,  "Creating with Reverence",  now available on sale at

“Creating with Reverence thoughtfully delivers a vital message about the impact artmaking can have on everyday life and beautifully illustrates what an effective instrument it can be as an antidote to theisolation, vapidness, and harried pace of contemporary life.”

- Josephine Ramirez, Program Officer at the J. Paul Getty Trust and Harvard Loeb Fellow 2003

“Creating with Reverence resonates in so many ways that I cannot begin to express the range of emotions
I flt while reading it. It is a deeply moving workhat will inspire for generations.” - 

-Michael Schiffer, Fred A. Reiker Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Unversity of Arizona
and Pulitzer-nominated author of numerous books