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October 2020

Diablo Weavers Guild, based in Walnut Creek, will be meeting via Zoom on the third of Friday of the month from September 2020 through June 2021, 10:00 am until noon or a little later. We do not meet in July and August.

    Dues for the year, September 2020 - June 2021, are $30 per person; $40 per family.
    If joining after January, dues are $15.
    Current members please send your dues by mail to Kris.

New members and guests are welcome. Let us know if you would like to attend a meeting and we will send you the link to join the Zoom meeting. Contact:  carol.gray@gmail.com

October Update

We had an interesting, delightful presentation with Daryl Lancaster. In addition to her main website, she has resources available through the Weavesew.com domain and has a series of YouTube videos.

Daryl's contacts:

The Weaver Sews

It is worth signing up for her blog as she talks about her new projects.

An additional update from our October meeting:

Redwood Fiber Guild is having Robyn Spady on Nov. 4, 11 am-12 pm. 
The topic is Gizmos & Gadgets for Better Weaving.
 Spots are limited so email elabruce@sonic.net as soon as possible.


Diablo Weavers Meeting Friday, October 16

The October meeting will be at 10 am on Friday, October 16, the third Friday of the month. You will receive an email Zoom invite before then.

Speaker and Presentation

Daryl Lancaster will be meeting with us (via Zoom) and giving her lecture, "Parallel Threads that Parallel Life".

This is a program she developed to show how she got into sewing and weaving and her progression over the years.  She will be glad to take questions.  Her program will be at 11 am. 

Daryl Lancaster has had a career as a weaver and also a sewer and has combined the two with patterns especially designed for handwovens.  She has taught at both CNCH and Convergence plus many other conferences.  In 2012 she was the judge for the fashion show at CNCH in Oakland.  In 2018 she was the judge of the fashion show at Convergence in Reno.  Diablo had a 5 day workshop with Daryl in 2016.  Those who took the workshop could try on samples and then be custom fit with a pattern.  Daryl's most popular pattern is the Daryl jacket. Linda VanHeertum has made two of them.  Daryl is also an Inkle loom teacher.  She has often made Inkle loom trims for clothing.  She has been a contributor to Threads magazine for many years.  We are pleased to be able to bring her 3000 miles even if by Zoom.


Each month for sharing, photos for Diablo should be sent to Vilija by noon on the Thursday before each meeting. That gives her enough time to get the last minute ones in.  The sooner, the better for her. However, she said that she can definitely handle “last minute”.

If members have a preference on how they want their pics shown, they should include info on that.

With our meetings now via Zoom, we have the potential for members who are not in our area. And we now have a new member, a friend of Tineke's, who lives in Baja.
If you click on the link below you will see a story about her and her work that was done by a Fiber Arts Website.

From Vilija, a delightful tour of an island off Maine and sheep shearing:

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Looms for Sale

Gilmore Floor loom

This is a Gilmore Floor Loom with a 32" weaving width and 4 harnesses. See the below website for further information and photos of the loom below.

Contact Kim Goldsmith: kimberlyjeanjackson@gmail.com

Note: Click on the photos below and you will see the correct orientation.

Gilmore Floor Loom - A great loom seeking new owner

Gilmore Floor Loom, in Sebastopol and can be delivered.
This is a Gilmore Floor Loom in excellent condition.  6 treadles, 32" weaving width and 4 harnesses.
There is also a supply of yarn to go along with it.


Fireside Loom for sale

Our Fireside Loom, Weaving Bench are for sale and this includes nearly everything you'll need to weave except your yarn. We are asking $1200 which is a bargain as this would be around $3500 new. It also comes with some top of the line AVL shuttles, and lots of extras.

The loom is in Graton CA, near Santa Rosa. If you're in the Bay area or NorCal, we have a truck and could deliver it, if you had help on the other end unloading, and provided there are not lots of stairs to climb.
Penelope Butterfield    707 480-9131  pendreamweaver@gmail.com 

Brad Young     209 814-2470 cell/text     byoung@pmz.com


Click on an image to rotate and see full view:


Do you have items you would like to add to our website? Links to interesting websites, online events, and weaving related items for sale are all welcome.
Send information and photos if applicable to Carol, carol.gray@gmail.com

Header photo: Coloured wool: By Sfuarch480 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Common
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