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January 2021

Diablo Weavers Guild, based in Walnut Creek, will be meeting via Zoom on the third of Friday of the month through June 2021, 10:00 am until noon or a little later. We do not meet in July and August.

    Dues for the year, September 2020 - June 2021, are $30 per person; $40 per family.
    If joining after January, dues are $15.
    Current members please send your dues by mail to Kris.

New members and guests are welcome. Let us know if you would like to attend a meeting and we will send you the link to join the Zoom meeting. Contact:  carol.gray@gmail.com

Diablo Weavers Meeting Friday, January 15, 2021

Our January meeting will be at 10 am on Friday, January 15, the third Friday of the month. You will receive an email Zoom invite before then.

January Program
The January Program will be a presentation by Linda Courtright of Wild Fibers. Linda has published Wild Fibers Magazine and led world wide tours related to fiber. See details below.

From Joan about our January Program:

Linda Cortright has traveled around the world to interesting places.  She is always persuing fiber related interests from the Himalayas, the Falkland Islands and beyond.  She has spoken to us in person in the past and a couple of people have traveled with her on trips.  This presentation will be on Zoom and the title is: "In Search of the Real Polar Fleece, from Antarctica to the Russian Arctic".  Linda is a wonderful photographer so her pictures will be informative and worth a thousand words.  She is a very entertaining speaker.  Linda lives in Maine so it is nice to have her here from 3000 miles away.

Sharing at our monthly meetings

January - change for sharing
If you have items to share at our January meeting please send photos to Carol C. early in the week. Email Carol at: cacauseywc@gmail.com

Announcements and updates

HGA is hosting some talks by artists and also juror talks about the galleries that would have been in Knoxville this past summer.  Wednesday was the basketry exhibit and Lillian has a piece in that gallery.  Go to weavespindye.org for more information.

Textile designer Jack Lenor Larson died in December at age 93.  Their was a long article about him in The New York Times on Dec. 23, 2020.

Link to the New York Times article:

Weaving Equipment, available as donation

I have some weaving equipment that I am looking to donate to artists. 

I have two Kircher Rahmen looms, the rigid heddle is included with both but not a shuttle.  The heddle is 16”.  The frame is 18”x23”.

I also have a warping board. Dimensions are 22”x36”.  And one item I don’t know what it is. It is 24” long.

I am willing to drop the items off at a location within the East Bay, I live in San Leandro.  During this time of COVID, I can meet and move the items from my car and have them transferred to another at an agreed time.


Carole Barry
Phone 510-278-3225   
Email:  carole.barry@sbcglobal.net

Please leave a message if calling, as she screens calls.


Looms for Sale

Glimakra Standard Counterbalance (1985) , 47 Inch (120cm) - $1500

Note:  Originally posted for sale in November, still available as of December 30,

Pleasanton, CA
Pick up only. (loom breaks down)
4 Shaft, 6 treadles

  • Height adjustable bench
  • Approximately 270 Texsolve Heddles (recently Updated)
  • New tie up kit
  • 12 , 10 , and 8 dent reed
  • Ronja warping frame for back of loom
  • Raddle
  • Mallet
  • 32 inch wood temple
  • 20 warping stick
  • Lease sticks
  • Nonskid rubber feetFabric protector board (front beam)
  • 3 books related to Swedish looms to get you started
I am the third owner. This loom is in good working condition and I am using it now. One lower lamm is worn but does not cause any issues.

Contact: Vtvickers@gmail.com OR Virginiavickers@yahoo.com
Phone: 925-698-4428

Beautiful Handmade Birdseye loom for Sale

Possibly made in the 30's of beautiful Birds Eye Maple wood and in climate controlled storage. See photos below.

From the owners of the loom:

We have a loom that was built by my kids great grand father, that is, hand built. The wood is of rare Bird's Eye Maple (maybe from the 30's?)

From what I can gather it is a "double action' loom & please correct about my nomenclature.
We would like to sell it if possible. If not the wood is so precious that I can find other uses. It is currently in climate controlled storage.
Thank you.
Mike & Aimee Prisbylla


Mike & Aimee Prisbylla

(925) 682-1407

Click on individual photos for larger view.

Stool: 9" wide & 22&1/2" high at the center. About a 1" slope (i/2" each from each side of the center).
Loom: Closed depth 18", 52 & 1/2" tall, width 42 & 1/2;
           Open   depth 36", 48 tall
           Reed 36" (width 42 & 1/2") I think #156 has a full shot of plus 4 slats.

Do you have items you would like to add to our website? Links to interesting websites, online events, and weaving related items for sale are all welcome.
Send information and photos if applicable to Carol, carol.gray@gmail.com

Header photo: Coloured wool: By Sfuarch480 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Common
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