The Diablo Nippongo Gakuen teaches Japanese culture and language to students of all backgrounds.  The school holds classes every Saturday from September through May at the Japanese-American Religious and Cultural Center (JARCC), home to the JA club, in Concord, California.  Click here to read what former students have to say about their experience and click here to visit us on Facebook! 

The 2016-17 school year is just around the corner with the first day on September. 10.   For questions about enrolling your children in the school, contact our Enrollment Coordinator:  enrollment@diablonippongogakuen.org.

Diablo Nippongo Gakuen is chartered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of California, and is tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)3 and the California RTC Section 23701d.  Donations to the school are fully tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

About the School

The Diablo Nippongo Gakuen is a member organization of the Diablo Japanese American Club (JA Club)Founded in 1926 as the Concord Japanese Language Institute, the Diablo Nippongo Gakuen (Japanese School) has a long tradition of teaching the Japanese language and culture to interested school-aged children in the East Bay.  We are a cooperative school, run and managed by an all-volunteer board. Parent participation is essential to our continued vitality and success.


ディアブロ日本語学園(Diablo Nippongo Gakuen)は1926年にコンコード日本語学園(Concord Japanese Language Institute) として設立されました。現在 本校は Diablo Japanese American Club (JA Club)を母体と し、伝統を受け継ぎ今も なおEast Bay日本語学校(K­12)として9月から5月の土曜日の午前中に授業 を行っています.