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Android 2.2 Phone Application (Motorola Droid tested)

Current Version: 1.2.0 (2.0.0 is currently being tested - ETA ASAP)

Due to technical difficulties with Google Play, DDL can not be currently uploaded.  A ticket is open with Google and is looking to be resolved ASAP.  Thank you for your patience.

Web page last updated: 2/18/2013 (updates in blue text from previous versions)


This app is written by a diabetic for diabetics.

Diabetic Data Log (DDL) is a way for diabetics to better keep track of carbohydrates and food ratios along with common diabetic blood glucose levels. It acts as an electronic log book.

This app can also be used for people on diets or anyone who just wishes to keep track of their food data. The points used in this app reflect the Weight Watchers point system.  For more information, please visit their web site:

Author's Note about this app

I've been a type 1 diabetic for 30+ years now.  I wrote this app to replace my pen and paper log that I have been keeping all of my life.  There are many apps and computer programs out there to analyze your data and give all sorts of good graphs, charts, and data about how your diabetes is being handled and where your current trends will take you.  This app is really used to store that data and then it can be used with those other programs to analyze.  Sure, I do plan on putting in some analyzing capabilities, but one thing always remains the same:  Need the data first, then it can be analyzed and tools are always improving the ability to analyze.

My daily job is an embedded software engineer for a company that designs critical software for aircrafts.  The "guts" of this application should be robust.  As I learn more about the Android GUI & development tools, the looks (bells & whistles) will soon follow.

What I use this app for:
I use this app for quick & accurate food details so I know how much insulin to give myself.  The biggest problem I've had as a diabetic was "guessing" at food because I didn't know the details which led to bad results.  Now, I can look up my food very quickly (compared to paging through books or using the internet to find foods), have it add everything up for me without error, and finally, use the data saved to look it up using Excel (or some spreadsheet program) and see trends to make adjustments.  Once you copy the data files over to the computer, you can use the computer's resources to do anything you'd like such as, import into a spreadsheet & analyze your data, send it to your doctor in a format they prefer, or run it against other diabetic programs on the web.

Data Storage

All data is stored on the phone at:

* food database - feel free to edit and add your own foods via PC & simple text editor. All foods appear appear in alphabetical order in the food list so add numbers in front of your favorites to place at front of list.

* daily database - the data for that day. This consists of all the foods eaten per an event as well as any blood sugar & insulin data entered.

These files can be viewed/edited in Microsoft excel as well as other common spreadsheet programs or even simple text editors.  Be very careful when editing using Windows products.  Because the Android OS is Linux based, there are carriage returns that exist in Windows that don't in Android.  You may get unexpected results if not careful.

The CSV files are a special comma delimited file format where each comma is surrounded by a quote.  So the data looks like this:

Here is an example of a data file in Excel:
Example: data_10-22-2010.csv

Here is what that same file looks like in a common text editor:
Example: data_10-22-2010.csv

Using the app on your phone


When the app first starts up, there are 3 tabs displayed:
  1. EVENT tab
    • The location where a food, blood sugar, or just general notes about a specific event can are handled.  An event can be a meal, just a blood glucose test, or just a note about something that has happened that is worth saving.
  2. DAILY tab
    • The location where data about the entire day's events are displayed.  Various fields show the statistics for the day.
  3. About tab
    • A tab to display a small amount of data about the app.  Since text takes up a lot of space that makes up the app and not much information can be stored there compared to this web site, as little information as possible is there.
The app starts off in the EVENT tab.  A small 'window' will flash a status of reading the food database located on the SD card.  The number of foods read in will appear or a failure that the app couldn't read the database.

Fields in blue are diabetic data specific fields.
Fields with yellow text are for the point system.

Currently this app has been tested with 210 foods.

EVENT tab contents

Calendar section:

  • Day of the week text:
    • This text is non editable and is determined by the phone.  This is due to the fact that this field is just for viewing and is not saved at all.
  • Date field:
    • This field starts off populated with the current date as determined by the phone. 
    • It is editable in case the phone is wrong. 
    • This is a field that is saved.
    • The format must be "MM-DD-YYYY".
    • (DDL 1.1.0+) Uses the android date picker widget.
  • Time field:
    • This field starts off populated with the current time as determined by the phone. 
    • It is editable in case the phone is wrong or it just took a while before you decided to enter data. 
    • This is a field that is saved.
    • The format must be "HH:MM AM/PM".
    • (DDL 1.1.0+) Uses the android time picker widget.

Food List section

  • Food list:
    • This list displays some of the data of the foods that were added to it (see ADD button).
    • The list starts off with 3 blanks in the list.  As foods get added, each of the 3 blank rows are replaced with the food added.  Once all 3 are replaced, the food list will grow.
    • It can only display up to 10 items max per event.
    • The totals of the food list are displayed at the bottom of the list.

Food data section

  • Quantity field 'qty':
    • This field is a numeric field that represents the quantity of the units specified (see 'units').  So, this could be 5 ounces, 1.5 cups, 4 servings, or 0.75 tablespoons.
  • Quick adjust spinner 'quick adjust':
    • This spinner (pull down list) does the exact same thing as the quantity field except it gives a list of the most popular types of measurements for units.
    • This takes the place of typing in numbers into the quantity field.
  • Units spinner 'units':
    • This spinner allows you to select the units of measurement that the food is measured in. 
    • The list is as follows:
      • serv = serving
      • cups
      • oz = ounces
      • Tbsp = tablespoon
      • tbsp = teaspoon
  • Food field 'food':
    • * This field is free form text that describes the food.
  • Carbohydrates field 'carbs':
    • This field is the number of carbohydrates per the quantity of the food.  So 200 carbs per 2 servings (100 carbs per 1 serving).
  • Calories field 'calories':
    • This field is the number of calories per the quantity of the food.  So 200 calories per 2 servings (100 calories per 1 serving).
  • Fat field 'fat':
    • This field is the number of fats per the quantity of the food.  So 3 fats per 2 servings (1.5 fats per 1 serving).
  • Fiber field 'fiber':
    • Take a guess... yep, same idea as the other food data fields.  :)
  • Points text 'points':
    • This field is calculated and populated based on the Weight Watchers points system.  Once the other fields are populated with numeric data, this field can be calculated (see Calc Pts button).
  • Add button 'ADD':
    • This button will add the food with the current data to the food list.
    • Once pressed, the food data fields will clear and be ready for more entries.
    • Fields that are invalid will be displayed as such. (shown below)
  • Calculate points button 'Calc Pts':
    • This button populates the 'points' text with the points that was calculated and populated based on the Weight Watchers points system. 
    • The other food data fields must be populated in order for the calculation to take place.
  • Find button 'FIND':
    • Pressing this button causes the screen to change to a list of the foods in the food database.

Food List from FIND button on EVENT tab

Diabetes section

  • Sugar field 'sugar':
    • This field is your blood glucose level.  Any units your heart desires.
  • Carbohydrates per unit field 'carbs/unit':
    • This field is the number that will determine the amount of insulin you should take.  Your carbs per unit comes under other names depending on how you are managing your diabetes. 
    • You should consult your doctor to get the number to be entered into this field.
  • Units field 'unit':
    • This field is the number of units of insulin that you will be taking for this meal.
    • It can be auto-calculated based on your food data carbs total for the event and the 'carbs/unit' field.
  • Calculate units button 'Cal Units':
    • Pressing this button fills in the number of units that should be taken based on your food data carbs total for the event and the 'carbs/unit' field.

Notes section

  • Notes field 'notes':
    • * This field is free form text to save any notes about the event you want and it will be saved to the database.


  • Save button 'SAVE':
    • This button saves the event to the event database (writes/appends the data to the SD card - see Data Storage).
    • It also saves new foods to the food database (writes/appends the data to the SD card - see Data Storage).
    • The foods in the food list will be compared to the foods in the food database and if there are new ones, those new foods will be added to the food database.
    • A small 'window' will be displayed briefly with the status of the save.  Either the number of new foods saved of the number of foods in the food list will be displayed or an error message about not being able to save to a database.
* free form text fields can not contain the a comma and a quote next to each other or it will mess up the database due to the specialized CSV format used.

DAILY tab contents

All fields start off blank (dashed out) until the day is selected to view the daily data from.

  • Date field:
    • This field starts off populated with the current date as determined by the phone. 
    • It is editable in case the phone is wrong or you want another day's data. 
    • The format must be "MM-DD-YYYY".
    • (DDL 1.1.0+) Uses the android date picker widget.
  • Find button 'FIND':
    • Pressing this button will do the following:
      • Read in the data from from the data_<date> database saved on the SD card.
      • Populate the fields based on the data read in.
  • total calories field:
    • The total calories for the day.
  • total carbs field:
    • The total carbohydrates for the day.
  • total fat field:
    • The total fat for the day.
  • total fiber field:
    • Take a guess... yep, same idea as the other food data fields.  :)
  • total units field:
    • The total units of insulin given for the day.
  • sugar avg field:
    • The average of all the blood sugars entered for the day.
  • smart avg field:
    • A more precise average of all the blood sugars for the day.
    • (see next section for description)
  • total pts field:
    • The total points for the day.
  • event list:
    • A list of certain data per event.
    • It can only display up to 30 items max.

The 'smart average' calculation in the DAILY tab calculates blood sugar averages in a more precise way.  What this calculation does is take into account the time between blood sugars and estimates a linear average based on that.  Currently this is only done for the day, but if there are requests and time, weeks, and months can be taken into account.

Here's an example of the differences between a regular average calculation and the smart average calculation:

Regular Average:

The result of the regular average calculation of this data set is: 143.6

Smart Average:

The result of the smart average calculation of this data set is: 171.3

Now we can tell by the sugar times that there were a few lows closely together and some highs that were spread apart.  The smart average 'estimates' that the sugars between the sugar results recorded are along a line between those points, so the high sugars would have had high sugars between them.  This means that the resulting sugars were higher most of the day.

So why a smart average versus a regular average?  Just to get a little more precise based on estimates.  The best way to get any type of precise average is to get more data (do more blood tests).

In general, any long period of time in between blood tests will result in a more inaccurate result.  For instance, most of us diabetics do a blood test before bed and just when we wake up.  If your sugars are high all night, yet good all day, that could be 8 hours of bad sugars, but only 2 of (say you did 4 other tests during the day) the 6 total you did that show up bad.

About tab contents

Some useful information about the app.



Email for a free fast food database or enhancement suggestions.

Questions & Answers from emails

Question: Why do you have to type in your food data, why not use the internet to get your food data?
Answer: This is definitely in the plans for the future upgrade.  The ability to 'also' use the internet to populate your food database.  I started off with the basic understanding that:
  1. Everyone eats differently and therefore 1 central food database would not be sufficient
  2. The internet isn't everywhere yet (not every place gets a signal) and therefore having your food database on your phone, the data can still be retrieved as long as your phone has power.

Suggestions from emails for enhancements

Thanks to everyone who emailed me your ideas!
<added in version 1.1.0>
<added in version 1.2.0>
<currently being tested for version 2.0.0>
  1. remove decimal value for numbers ending in ".0"
  2. add more numbers to quick adjust spinner
  3. fix issue with selecting a new amount number and that number gets multiplied by whatever was in the box instead of multiplied by 1.
  4. find a way to add food details to food selection list (carbs, calories, fat, points, etc)
  5. color configuration?
  6. add your database to this web page
  7. add another tab for 3 month data
  8. clear function for event foods
  9. search function for food list
  10. mathematical errors
  11. Add more fields for different types of insulin
  12. fix avg bug where 2 or more events happen, but only 1 sugar was recorded
  13. fix (Android 2.2) where old data shows up upon startup when back button is not pressed on EVENT tab.
  14. EVENT tab - changing date doesn't really save the date correctly (always defaults to current date)
  15. fixed point total in DAILY TAB where the points were not calculated correctly if only a sugar was entered.  (it gave you a point every time)
  16. Added a multiple day sugar average on the ABOUT tab.
  17. Added another tab to only show foods and certain data (instead of always hitting the find button).  Not a big change, just wanted to look things up easier without selecting BEFORE I eat them.

Known bugs

  1. turning phone sideways will re-initalize fields.
  2. food will appear twice in database when the food database is altered on a Windows machine.
  3. should have 'confirm' on exit/back to prevent data loss

Food Database

Notes about my database:
  1. Notice that certain names have "z_" appended to it.  This is because they are foods that I don't eat often and don't want to scroll through them, so since the foods are in alphabetical order, this places those foods at the end of the list.
  2. Some foods have a number (x17 for pretzels) associated with them.  I use 1 serv of 17 pretzels instead of 1 pretzel, then I have to make the qty 17.

"Qty","Qty Units","food type","carbs","calories","fat","fiber","points"
"1","serv","cereal - oatmeal, maple & brown sugar (Weis/Giant)","26.0","130.0","2.0","3.0","2.2"
"1","serv","cereal - oatmeal (diet), apple & cinamon (Weis/Giant)","18.0","100.0","2.0","3.0","1.6"
"1","cups","cereal - Kashi - GOLEAN Cereal","30.0","140.0","1.0","10.0","0.9"
"1","cups","cereal - Cheerios","22.0","110.0","1.8","3.0","1.8"
"1","serv","banana, small (6" length)","23.1","90.0","0.3","2.6","1.3"
"1","serv","banana, medium (7" length)","27.0","105.0","0.4","3.1","1.5"
"1","serv","banana, large (8" length)","31.1","121.0","0.4","3.5","1.8"
"1","serv","banana, xlarge (9" length)","34.7","135.0","0.5","4.0","1.9"
"1","serv","apple, small (2" diameter)","14.6","55.0","0.2","2.5","0.6"
"1","serv","apple, medium (2.5" diameter)","19.1","72.0","0.2","3.3","0.8"
"1","serv","apple, large (3" diameter)","29.3","110.0","0.4","5.1","1.2"
"1","cups","milk (1% Weis/Giant)","12.0","80.0","0.0","0.0","1.6"
"1","cups","beans, green","9.8","44.0","0.3","4.0","0.1"
"1","serv","carrots, baby","1.2","5.0","0.0","0.4","0.0"
"1","cups","carrots, cut","12.3","52.0","0.3","3.6","0.3"
"1","cups","broccoli (frozen)","4.7","24.0","0.1","2.6","0.0"
"1","cups","broccoli (fresh chopped)","5.8","30.0","0.3","2.3","0.2"
"1","cups","corn (frozen)","30.6","130.0","1.0","4.0","1.9"
"1","serv","broccoli & cheese x2.5 (Green Giant)","17.5","150.0","6.3","5.0","2.5"
"1","serv","califlower & cheese x3 (Green Giant)","18.0","150.0","7.5","3.0","3.0"
"1","serv","Turkey Breast (Dietz & Watson) Gourmet Lite","1.0","60.0","0.5","0.0","1.2"
"1","serv","Ham (Dietz & Watson) Gourmet Lite 98% Fat Free","1.0","50.0","1.0","0.0","1.1"
"1","serv","tuna - StarKist chunk light in flavor fresh pouch","0.3","60.0","0.5","0.7","1.1"
"1","oz","fish (COD)","0.0","29.7","0.2","0.0","0.6"
"1","serv","bread x2 - whole wheat (lite) - (Weis/Giant)","17.0","70.0","1.0","5.0","0.5"
"1","serv","bread - d'italiano","15.0","80.0","1.0","1.0","1.5"
"1","serv","crackers x32 - cheese  (Weis/Giant)","19.0","150.0","6.0","1.0","3.3"
"1","serv","Cheez It - Reduced Fat Crackers","20.0","130.0","4.0","1.0","2.7"
"1","serv","PIEROGIES - Mrs. T's POTATO & CHEDDAR ","11.3","60.0","0.8","0.3","1.2"
"1","serv","mac & cheese","48.0","308.5","8.8","3.0","6.3"
"1","serv","bread - potato","18.0","100.0","1.0","0.0","2.1"
"1","serv","cookie - chocolate chip ","18.0","140.0","7.0","0.0","3.4"
"1","serv","cookie - weight watchers choc chip ","18.0","90.0","2.5","4.0","1.2"
"1","serv","cookie - Lofthouse Chistmas sugar ","19.0","120.0","5.0","1.0","2.6"
"1","serv","cake donut - plain","23.0","192.0","10.0","1.0","4.5"
"1","oz","prime rib","0.4","71.3","5.6","0.0","1.9"
"1","oz","potato - baked, plain","6.1","27.0","0.0","0.7","0.4"
"1","serv","dinner roll","14.0","84.0","2.0","1.0","1.6"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - hershey chocolate","26.0","210.0","13.0","1.0","5.1"
"1","serv","z_candy - skittles","56.0","240.0","2.5","0.0","5.0"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - kit kat - large","37.0","280.0","15.0","1.0","6.7"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - baby ruth crisp","30.0","250.0","14.0","1.0","6.0"
"1","serv","pretzels, Rold Gold","47.0","230.0","2.0","2.0","4.4"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - milky way","41.0","270.0","11.0","1.0","6.1"
"1","serv","glucose tablet","4.0","15.0","0.0","0.0","0.3"
"1","serv","glucerna bar - oatmeal raisin","12.0","70.0","2.0","0.9","1.4"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - oven roasted chicken breast w/ mash potatoes and green beans","38.0","370.0","7.0","6.0","6.8"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Beef Stroganoff (on noodles?)","29.0","490.0","20.0","2.0","11.1"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Breakfast pizza w/ extra cheese","40.0","360.0","12.0","2.0","7.8"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - cake donut (plain)","27.0","280.0","17.0","1.0","6.8"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Chicken & Biscuits","43.0","530.0","26.0","2.0","12.4"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - dressing/stuffing","39.0","240.0","4.5","3.0","4.6"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - LBC Deli Sandwich w/Baked Lay's","71.0","460.0","10.0","6.0","8.8"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Marinated Chicken Breast","40.0","450.0","16.0","2.0","9.9"
"1","cups","z_cafeteria - mashed potatoes","39.0","200.0","3.0","3.0","3.7"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - meatloaf w/ dutchess potatoes","53.0","600.0","29.0","5.0","13.4"
"1","cups","z_cafeteria - peas","11.0","60.0","0.0","4.0","0.4"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Pork BBQ on a roll","37.0","300.0","6.0","1.0","6.3"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Pork BBQ on a roll w/Curly Fries & Coleslaw","68.0","580.0","22.0","5.0","12.4"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - pumkin pie","53.0","330.0","11.0","0.5","7.4"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Turkey Burger on Multi Grain Roll","20.0","330.0","12.0","2.0","7.2"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - Vegetarian Burger on Multi Grain Roll","48.0","330.0","7.0","6.0","6.0"
"1","serv","z_Subway - ham (6")","47.0","290.0","4.5","5.0","5.2"
"1","serv","z_Subway - oven roasted chicken (6")","49.0","320.0","4.5","5.0","5.8"
"1","serv","z_Subway - roast beef (6")","46.0","310.0","4.5","5.0","5.6"
"1","serv","z_Subway - club (6")","47.0","320.0","5.0","5.0","5.8"
"1","serv","z_Subway - sweet onion chicken teriyaki (6")","60.0","380.0","4.5","5.0","7.0"
"1","serv","z_Subway - turkey (6")","47.0","280.0","3.5","5.0","4.9"
"1","serv","z_Subway - turkey & ham (6")","47.0","300.0","4.0","5.0","5.3"
"1","serv","z_Subway - veggie delite (6")","45.0","230.0","2.5","5.0","3.8"
"1","serv","z_Subway - philly cheesesteak (6")","53.0","520.0","18.0","6.0","10.7"
"1","serv","z_Subway - BLT (6")","45.0","360.0","13.0","5.0","7.3"
"1","serv","z_Subway - chicken & bacon ranch (6")","49.0","570.0","28.0","6.0","12.5"
"1","serv","z_Subway - cold cut combo (6")","48.0","410.0","16.0","5.0","8.5"
"1","serv","z_Subway - italian BMT (6")","48.0","450.0","20.0","5.0","9.7"
"1","serv","z_Subway - meatball marinara (6")","70.0","580.0","23.0","9.0","11.7"
"1","serv","z_Subway - spicy italian (6")","47.0","520.0","28.0","5.0","11.7"
"1","serv","z_Subway - melt (6")","49.0","380.0","11.0","5.0","7.5"
"1","serv","z_Subway - the feast (6")","50.0","540.0","22.0","5.0","11.6"
"1","serv","z_Subway - tuna (6")","45.0","530.0","30.0","5.0","12.1"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - hamburger","31.0","250.0","9.0","2.0","5.4"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - cheeseburger","33.0","300.0","12.0","2.0","6.6"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - double cheeseburger","34.0","440.0","23.0","2.0","10.3"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - McDouble","33.0","390.0","19.0","2.0","9.0"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Quarter Pounder","37.0","410.0","19.0","2.0","9.4"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Quarter Pounder w/ cheese","40.0","510.0","26.0","3.0","11.8"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese","40.0","740.0","42.0","3.0","17.7"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Big Mac","45.0","540.0","29.0","3.0","12.6"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - filet fish","38.0","380.0","18.0","0.0","9.1"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - french fries, small","29.0","230.0","11.0","3.0","4.9"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - french fries, medium","48.0","380.0","19.0","5.0","8.2"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - french fries, large","63.0","500.0","25.0","6.0","10.9"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - McNuggets, 4 pc","11.0","190.0","12.0","0.0","4.8"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - McNuggets, 6 pc","16.0","280.0","17.0","0.0","7.0"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - McNuggets, 10 pc","27.0","460.0","29.0","0.0","11.6"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Egg McMuffin","30.0","300.0","12.0","2.0","6.6"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Sausage McMuffin","29.0","370.0","22.0","2.0","8.8"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg","30.0","450.0","27.0","2.0","10.9"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - English Muffin","27.0","160.0","3.0","2.0","3.1"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (Regular Size Biscuit)","37.0","420.0","23.0","2.0","9.9"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (Large Size Biscuit)","43.0","480.0","27.0","3.0","11.3"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Sausage Biscuit with Egg (Regular Size Biscuit)","36.0","510.0","33.0","2.0","12.6"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's - Sausage Biscuit with Egg (Large Size Biscuit)","42.0","570.0","37.0","3.0","13.9"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Classic Single® w/ Everything","37.0","410.0","19.0","2.0","9.4"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Big Bacon Classic ®","46.0","570.0","29.0","3.0","13.2"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Jr. Hamburger","34.0","270.0","9.0","2.0","5.8"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Jr. Cheeseburger","34.0","310.0","12.0","2.0","6.8"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger","34.0","380.0","18.0","2.0","8.7"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe","37.0","350.0","16.0","2.0","7.9"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Hamburger, Kids’ Meal","33.0","270.0","9.0","2.0","5.8"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Cheeseburger, Kids’ Meal","34.0","310.0","12.0","2.0","6.8"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Grilled Chicken Sandwich","36.0","300.0","7.0","2.0","6.2"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Chicken Breast Fillet Sandwich","46.0","430.0","16.0","2.0","9.5"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - Chicken Club Sandwich","47.0","470.0","19.0","2.0","10.6"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - french fries, medium","56.0","390.0","17.0","6.0","8.0"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - french fries, Biggie","63.0","440.0","19.0","7.0","9.0"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - french fries, Great Biggie","75.0","530.0","23.0","8.0","10.9"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - chicken nuggets, 5 pc","13.0","200.0","14.0","0.0","5.2"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - baked potato, plain","61.0","270.0","0.0","7.0","4.0"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - baked potato, bacon & cheese ","10.0","580.0","22.0","0.0","13.4"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - baked potato, broccoli & cheese","10.0","480.0","14.0","0.0","10.8"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - baked potato, sour cream & chives","6.0","370.0","6.0","0.0","7.9"
"1","serv","z_Wendy's - baked potato, country crock spread","12.0","60.0","7.0","0.0","1.8"
"1","serv","z_Arby's - Arby's Melt","36.0","298.0","12.0","2.0","6.6"
"1","serv","z_Arby's - Ham & Swiss Melt Sandwich","35.0","268.0","8.0","1.0","5.8"
"1","serv","z_Arby's - Large Roast Beef Sandwich","41.0","547.0","28.0","3.0","12.7"
"1","serv","z_Arby's - Medium Roast Beef Sandwich","34.0","415.0","21.0","2.0","9.7"
"1","serv","z_Arby's - Regular Roast Beef","34.0","320.0","14.0","2.0","7.2"
"1","serv","z_Arby's - Regular Beef 'n Cheddar","43.0","440.0","21.0","2.0","10.2"
"1","serv","z_Arby's - Medium Beef 'n Cheddar","44.0","536.0","27.0","2.0","12.6"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - Cheese, 1 slice of 12"","27.0","240.0","10.0","1.0","5.4"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - Pepperoni, 1 slice of 12"","26.0","260.0","12.0","1.0","6.0"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - Supreme, 1 slice of 12"","27.0","290.0","14.0","2.0","6.6"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - Pepperoni & mushroom, 1 slice of 12"","27.0","240.0","10.0","1.0","5.4"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - italian sausage & red onion, 1 slice of 12"","28.0","270.0","12.0","2.0","6.0"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - ham & pineapple, 1 slice of 12"","28.0","230.0","9.0","1.0","5.2"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - veggie lovers, 1 slice of 12"","28.0","230.0","9.0","2.0","5.0"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - meat lovers, 1 slice of 12"","27.0","330.0","18.0","1.0","7.9"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - hawaiian luau, 1 slice of 12"","28.0","260.0","12.0","1.0","6.0"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - dan's original, 1 slice of 12"","27.0","280.0","14.0","2.0","6.4"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - triple meat italiano, 1 slice of 12"","27.0","290.0","14.0","1.0","6.8"
"1","serv","z_Pizza Hut - spicy Sicillian, 1 slice of 12"","27.0","270.0","13.0","2.0","6.1"
"1","serv","z_Denny's - Grilled chicken","4.0","280.0","4.0","0.0","5.9"
"1","serv","z_Denny's - corn","26.0","130.0","3.0","1.0","2.7"
"1","serv","z_Denny's - mashed potatoes","76.0","170.0","7.0","1.0","3.8"
"1","serv","z_IHOP - buttermilk pancake","17.0","110.0","3.0","3.0","1.9"
"1","serv","z_IHOP - waffle","37.0","310.0","15.0","0.0","7.5"
"1","serv","noodles and beef","54.0","300.0","0.0","0.0","6.0"
"1","oz","chicken - breast","0.0","50.0","2.8","0.0","1.2"
"1","cups","rice pelof","35.0","165.0","0.5","0.0","3.3"
"1","serv","pancakes x4 - Aunt Jamima. Buttermilk","31.0","160.0","2.0","1.0","3.2"
"1","cups","syrup - lite (diabetic)","16.0","120.0","0.0","0.0","2.4"
"1","serv","chicken -  wings x12, Dugout ","0.0","800.0","2.0","0.0","16.2"
"1","serv","beer - bud lite (12oz)","6.6","110.0","0.0","0.0","2.2"
"1","serv","beer - Yuengling  lite (12oz)","6.6","99.0","0.0","0.0","2.0"
"1","serv","beer - bud select 55 (12oz)","1.9","55.0","0.0","0.0","1.1"
"1","serv","cookie - waffer murray","4.8","32.5","2.0","1.0","0.6"
"1","cups","noodles - thai, knorr","36.0","190.0","3.6","0.0","4.1"
"1","serv","veggies - mixed","17.0","85.7","0.0","4.3","0.9"
"1","oz","noodles - egg - light n fluffy","20.0","105.0","1.3","1.0","2.0"
"1","cups","gravy - turkey - cambell's","15.0","125.0","5.0","0.0","2.9"
"1","oz","fish - flounder ","0.0","37.5","0.0","0.0","0.8"
"1","oz","potatos - roasted","5.5","37.5","0.0","0.0","0.8"
"1","cups","soup - cream of potato","27.0","150.0","0.0","0.0","3.0"
"1","serv","powerade - 32oz","56.0","200.0","0.0","0.0","4.0"
"1","cups","potatoes - mashed w/ milk & butter","36.0","240.0","9.0","0.0","5.6"
"1","serv","shells - creamy garlic - knorr","67.1","371.4","6.4","1.4","7.7"
"1","serv","chicken parmesan - smart ones","35.0","290.0","5.0","4.0","5.4"
"1","serv","ravioli florentine - smart ones","40.0","250.0","5.0","4.0","4.6"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - gertrude hawk - milk chocolate ","27.0","260.0","15.0","1.0","6.3"
"1","serv","crab meat","0.0","80.0","0.0","0.0","1.6"
"1","serv","turkey meal - banquet ","41.0","280.0","7.0","5.0","5.2"
"1","serv","meatballs x4 - mama lucia","7.0","210.0","14.0","1.0","5.2"
"1","cups","gravy - beef campbells","15.0","125.0","5.0","15.0",""
"1","cups","pretzels x17 - bachman","25.0","110.0","0.0","1.0","2.0"
"1","serv","turkey meal - banquet ","41.0","280.0","7.0","5.0","5.2"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - hershey nugget - milk chocolate ","5.0","40.0","2.4","0.2","1.0"
"1","serv","bread - (weis) one pound ","13.0","70.0","1.0","0.0","1.5"
"1","serv","z_candy - skittles - fun size","17.5","80.0","0.8","0.0","1.7"
"1","serv","pretzels - snyder's sourdough nibblers","25.0","120.0","0.0","0.9","2.2"
"1","cups","strawberries ","12.0","50.0","0.5","0.0","1.0"
"1","serv","cupcakes ","20.0","140.0","5.5","0.0","3.3"
"1","serv","newton apple crisp","20.0","100.0","2.0","0.0","2.2"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - hershey's chocolate w/ almonds. - large","28.0","260.0","17.0","0.0","6.6"
"1","cups","soup - cream of chicken ","24.0","160.0","5.0","2.0","3.2"
"1","cups","rice - brown ","36.0","170.0","1.5","2.0","3.1"
"1","serv","pizza - flat bread - freschetta","25.0","360.0","21.0","1.0","8.8"
"1","serv","ice cream bar - cookies & cream - weght watchers","24.0","130.0","5.0","4.0","2.2"
"1","serv","z_candy - white chocolate cross - palmer ","23.0","180.0","10.0","1.0","4.2"
"1","serv","potatoes - mashed michelle's","36.3","166.3","0.6","1.3","3.1"
"1","serv","bread - d'taliano kaiser bun","35.0","190.0","2.5","0.0","4.0"
"1","serv","z_candy bar - 3 musketeers ","46.0","260.0","8.0","1.0","5.7"
"1","serv","cereal - kashi - warm cinnamon ","24.0","110.0","1.5","5.0","1.3"
"1","serv","yogurt - weight watchers","17.0","100.0","0.5","3.0","1.4"
"1","serv","noodles pasta","42.0","210.0","1.0","2.0","3.9"
"1","cups","pasta sauce","20.0","140.0","5.0","4.0","2.4"
"1","serv","meat loaf meal - banquet","28.0","280.0","13.0","4.0","5.9"
"1","oz","fish - salmon","0.0","43.8","1.5","0.0","1.0"
"1","cups","rice - white w/ parmesan cheese ","49.3","240.0","0.7","0.0","4.9"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - baked fish roma style w/ vegetables ","9.0","260.0","4.0","4.0","4.7"
"1","serv","z_dunkin donuts. munchkin glazed x4","40.0","235.0","13.0","0.0","5.8"
"1","serv","animal crackers - basil's low fat","18.0","97.0","2.5","0.0","2.1"
"1","serv","pork - boneless rib - banquet ","42.0","320.0","11.0","5.0","6.3"
"1","serv","cookie - oatmeal cream pie - little debbie ","53.0","330.0","12.0","1.0","7.4"
"1","serv","bread - canadian oat - freihofers","20.0","100.0","1.5","1.0","1.9"
"1","serv","beer - yuengling lager","12.0","135.0","0.0","0.0","2.7"
"1","serv","ice cream sundae cone - weight watchers","27.0","140.0","4.0","4.0","2.3"
"1","serv","z_charley's grilled sub - buffalo chicken w/ sauce","61.0","530.0","16.0","0.0","11.9"
"1","serv","z_candy - chocolate bunny - hershey ","20.0","170.0","10.0","1.0","4.0"
"1","serv","bread x2 - whole wheat - schwebels","34.0","160.0","1.0","1.0","3.1"
"1","serv","cake - angelfood","33.0","145.0","0.0","0.0","2.9"
"1","serv","biscuit - mary bs","23.0","180.0","8.0","1.0","4.1"
"1","serv","z_taco bell - soft taco","21.0","180.0","7.0","0.0","4.2"
"1","serv","z_panera bread - breakfast powwr sandwich ","36.0","360.0","14.0","4.0","7.6"
"1","serv","z_papa jogn'a - pizza","37.0","320.0","13.0","0.0","7.5"
"1","serv","cereal - cheerios apple cinnamon ","24.0","160.0","1.5","2.0","2.9"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's  - ice cream cone","24.0","150.0","3.5","0.0","3.3"
"1","serv","z_dairy queen - blizzard peanut butter cup","101.0","760.0","31.0","0.0","17.8"
"1","serv","cookie - chocolate chip - bj's","33.0","230.0","11.0","1.0","5.3"
"1","serv","z_McDonald's  fish filet double ","48.0","530.0","26.0","2.0","12.4"
"1","serv","yogurt - yoplait red","33.0","170.0","1.5","0.0","3.5"
"1","serv","cereal - special k red berries ","26.0","110.0","0.0","1.0","2.0"
"1","serv","ice cream sandwich - price chopper","23.0","160.0","6.0","0.0","3.7"
"1","serv","1_cereal+milk - kashi - warm cinnamon w/ 1% milk","36.0","190.0","1.5","5.0","2.9"
"1","serv","z_friendly's - turkey club supermelt","53.0","690.0","35.0","0.0","16.7"
"1","serv","z_friendly's - french fries","31.0","220.0","10.0","0.0","5.2"
"1","serv","z_candy - hershey kiss ","2.8","22.2","1.3","0.0","0.6"
"1","serv","cookie - thanks-a-lot - girl scout","11.0","75.0","3.0","0.5","1.7"
"1","serv","z_cafeteria - turkey sandwich on multi grain roll","20.0","330.0","3.5","2.0","6.5"
"1","serv","z_pizza hut - chicken wing","29.0","240.0","7.5","0.0","5.4"
"1","serv","ice cream - chocolate chip cookie dough - smart ones","32.0","170.0","3.0","1.0","3.4"
"1","serv","pizza - great value - 4 cheese ","42.0","290.0","8.0","2.0","6.1"
"1","serv","chicken - general tso","4.6","63.8","4.2","0.2","1.6"
"1","cups","rice - white","58.8","267.0","0.4","0.0","5.4"
"1","cups","soup - egg drop","10.0","61.0","2.0","0.0","1.4"
"1","serv","veggies - mixed w/ sauce - green giant steamers","8.0","45.0","1.0","2.0","0.6"
"1","serv","cupcake - little debbie's ","33.0","210.0","8.0","0.9","4.7"
"1","serv","cookie - oatmeal - hill & valley - sugar free","19.0","90.0","2.5","1.0","1.8"
"1","serv","2_bread (lite) + turkey x2 - sandwich","18.0","130.0","1.5","5.0","1.7"
"1","serv","bread - hamburger bun ","21.0","110.0","1.5","1.0","2.1"
"1","serv","cake - betty crocker","34.0","240.0","3.0","0.0","5.1"
"1","serv","cookie - chocolate chip - sugar free","21.0","140.0","8.0","1.0","3.3"
"1","oz","soup - cream of mushroom - campbell's healthy request ","10.0","70.0","2.0","0.0","1.6"
"1","serv","ice cream - peanut butter cup - smart ones","28.0","170.0","5.0","3.0","3.2"
"1","serv","turkey breast - slow roasted - smart ones","18.0","200.0","7.0","2.0","4.2"
"1","serv","apple pie - no sugar added","65.0","430.0","18.0","2.0","9.7"
"1","serv","bread - white - freihofers","12.0","65.0","1.0","0.5","1.3"
"1","serv","pizza - great value - sicilian ","29.0","280.0","12.0","2.0","6.2"
"1","oz","rice & veggies.- steamers","37.0","180.0","2.0","2.0","3.4"
"1","serv","z_friendly's - ice cream - no sugar added","11.0","100.0","7.0","3.0","2.0"
"1","serv","bread - mino roll - freihofers","31.0","160.0","2.0","1.0","3.2"
"1","serv","potato salad - resers","22.0","270.0","19.0","3.0","6.4"
"1","serv","z_ihop - ham & egg melt","28.0","555.0","26.0","0.0","13.3"

Converting this food database into your food database

  1. Highlight the text above with your mouse.
  2. Copy it ("ctrl-c" or Edit->copy from your browser)
  3. Open up notepad.
  4. Paste the text into notepad.
  5. Ensure there is an extra line at the end.  Go to the end of the last line and press Enter.
  6. From notepad: File->Save As - save the file as "foodDB.csv" (no quotes).
  7. Plug your android phone's USB cable into your computer (PC).
  8. Copy the "foodDB.csv" file to your phone's SD card (if you have one there already, you can replace it or add to it):
    1. K:\DiabeticDataLog\foodDB.csv
  9. Disconnect your USB.
  10. Start your app.

  • I had a baby 2 years ago and have been busy with her.  Sorry for lack of updates or fixes.