New Project plan

I have had to stop development and all software on this site is available for anyone that wants to use any of it.

If you decide to finish and publish any I would appreciate being told.

I would love to see it get done.

Thanks, William Schlesinger


DiabetesAttendant is now a solution.

  1. DiabetesAttendantLog. A new Log book and report generator to gather your readings and deliver the report as a comma delimited Variable (.CSV) file. So it can be loaded into a spread sheet program like Microsoft Excel. There the user can Analyze, Chart, and print reports of all descriptions.
  2. DiabetesAttendantMealPlanner. Nutrition data provided by Nutritionix API. Planning to have a meal plan storage to save your favorite meals.
  3. Maybe if the legality's can be solved we can release the DiabetesAttendantInsulinCalculator.
Stay tuned for more information.

Windows phone version is in progress and looking pretty good for version 1. put on hold
Android version is in the process but moving slow
So far I have converted 2 of 5 class files.
Making slow progress