A guide to sourcing and assembling components for an electronic shift bicycle

This site documents one man's quest to build the least expensive Campagnolo Record EPS equipped bicycle.   Along the way, I learned a bit about electronic shift groupsets and how to efficiently and effectively source and assemble bicycle parts into a complete bike. 

I document my experienced trials, tribulations and a few pro tips in a series of mini-articles that might help you follow this path of luxury frugality, or decide that the shiny, brand new Di2 bike for sale at your local bike shop is worth an easy purchase, even if a similar bike can be put together for a fraction of the cost.
Trying to figure out if a Di2 or EPS upgrade is worth the cost and effort?  This mini-intro to electronic shifting will help highlight the advantages and give you a rough estimate of how much it could cost.

Di2 new bikes are ubiquitous, but EPS is a better groupset and worth the effort to acquire   

Buy or Build?

When making the upgrade to Di2 or EPS, it's important to consider all the available options..  Buying a bike new has simplicity on its side, but can be very costly.  I'll outline how you can be scrappy and source parts from alternative sources in order to walk away with a very significant upgrade at a fraction of the new retail cost.

Assembling an EPS Bike

I've lightly documented the assembly of my own Campagnolo Record EPS bike and include a bunch of tips and tricks that aren't covered in the Campagnolo technical manual. 

The $6k Record EPS Build

As one example of how to go electronic and assemble your own bike from a mixture of used and new parts, I present a $6k bike outfitted with a Record EPS groupset that is a real joy to ride.