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The Role of Key Club Officers 


The club president plans, organizes, and carries out the responsibilities associated to the role of being the club's chief executive officer. The president is expected to attend as many meetings and events as is possible. If she is unable to attend, the president is responsible for having a representative officer. The president should be enthusiastic about Key Club and its purpose. She should attempt to encourage and motivate members or non-members to be active in participating in service events that will benefit our community and those who inhabit it.

Vice President: 

The club vice-president is a great support to the president. If the president is prevented from conducting a meeting or being at an event, the vice-president is the first officer expected to substitute for this role. The vice-president is the right-hand of the president and therefore willing and able to assist in any duties or responsibilities that the president may have. 


A good secretary is essential to a properly functioning Key Club. The secretary handles all records, files, and details important to smooth operation of Key Club. The secretary should be prompt, neat, and efficient. The secretary has a demanding position. She must handle all membership, attendance, and hour forms. The secretary will respond to any complaints as quickly as possible. If corrections do not seem to be happening, one need only to remind the secretary kindly. The secretary composes and updates hour charts, attendance sheets, member lists, and international Key Club records.


The treasurer is in charge of handling all money related to Dimond Key Club. He collects membership fees and ensures that they are all deposited to Key Club International. If Key Club earns any money from helping at any event, the treasurer handles that as well. if there are any fundraisers, the treasurer must once again be aware of what and how much money is being spent and earned. The treasurer must keep a record of the current money in the club account.

Public Relations:  

The PR is responsible for communicating and advertising information for meetings, events, or any Key Club activity to members and the school. However,his/ her focus is in reaching out to the community to find events that we can participate in. In the beginning of the year, the PR has the most important role because she is responsible for the recruiting of members to Key Club.

Bulletin Editor:

The Bulletin Editor is also responsible for communicating and advertising information for meetings, events, or any Key Club activity to members but is mainly responsible for composing the weekly Wednesday meeting agendas. She covers the more material advertising, focusing on the school environment.

Freshmen Representative:

 The duty of the Freshmen Representative is to bring the opinion and ideas of the members to the officers. They lead the Key Club meeting during Freshmen lunch and they attend the officer meetings and participate in organizing and running events. Also, they keep their fellow members further informed of what's going on in Key Club.

All Officers: 

All officers are responsible for training their replacements and making sure their duties and responsibilities are understood.