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 That is a great place to find other people that have the same interests as you. .  I belong to the
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The Midlands Pug Meetup Group!

 In Columbia, SC.


PUGS!!!! The PUG dog is a toy breed.

Pugs are very excitable, That makes them really fun to give treats to.  They will do just about anything you want them to just to get that treat.


My pug, Harley,  gets along very well with his big brother Max, who is a Rottweiler.  They play together all day long. 

 His sister Punky, a tabby cat, is the one that rules the house but we let Harley and Max think they do.


Pugs are great pets if you have the knowlege and are willing to live with a little snoring (which is kinda funny), getting into things you didn't even know existed in your house.  Their wrinkles are cute but can become dirty and have to be cleaned about once a week.  Their eyes are very vunerable to things getting in them and possible poking and injuring them.  So you have to be very watchful.

 These pets are spoiled by their Grandma-ma, she is building her own site about weddings you should go see it. It has alot of nice information on it.


Welcome to my


I hope you forgive me for the ongoing construction of this site. Feel free to wander away and come back.

Pug Speak is a great site for pug lovers all over the world!!!

Pet Finder is a good place to spent alot of time looking for rescued animals.

I Have found an organization that I commend for their work to help save animal's lives, please check it out!

Save a life, gain a buddy -


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Harley had his first meetup on November 10th, 2007. He was a little overwhelmed at first. He was not used to seeing dogs his size. Five pugs went to meet him all at once. I have never seen him so leary of what was going on. I was laughing and I was a little worried that he might get scared. But by the end of the meetup he was getting used to the more than ten PUGS that were running around. I also think that the other pugs were getting wore out. The Meetup was a great experience for both the humans and the pugs.

Wow! Harley had his second Meetup on Dec. 1, 2007. He was being chased most of the time!

Miss Vivien Lee is chasing Harley!

Harley was having the time of his life there! All the pugs there are completly adorable! They all have fun together.

We had another great meetup in sunny Columbia, SC. There were a few new pugsters there.

Harley's brother Max got to experience the end of a Pug Meetup.

'Introducing the Pug'
and discuss your decision to maybe buy one.

If you already own a pug or two, don't worry, the information will still be interesting and we will soon be covering more advanced topics.

Here we go then...

Pugs by nature are adaptable, calm and even-tempered, just as they are also affectionate, charming, outgoing and playful, making them excellent family pets for either life in the city or country.

Their wrinkled face and soft puppy skin win even the meanest hearts. In fact, there is no other pet as cute and as full of personality as a Pug, but they do come along with
responsibilities for you.

Think about it as you do your research and decide carefully
whether or not to bring home this wonderful pet.

Of course all dogs require a certain amount of work and care. Pugs are truly well worth the effort as they are wonderful companions.

Originally bred as lap dogs, Pugs are people-centric and make for wonderful family pets.

Your Pug really wants nothing more than to please you, his
owner, but you will have to teach them what exactly you want.

And he's sure to have a mind of his own and can be very stubborn, though training will make a big difference to them and Pugs reciprocate your love immeasurably.

There's no doubt that bringing home a Pug is indeed a big
decision. It's quite a big responsibility to start with-one that can turn your whole world upside down, for a while at least.

As can bringing home any new dog.

Before setting your heart on a Pug, ask yourself the following questions;

Do you need a dog that is good with your children? A Pug is a great choice as they are natural with kids but take care with toddlers.

Do you want someone to guard your children when they are out cycling or running about in the street?

If this is one of your requirements, consider passing up the Pug, as they get very tired in the heat.

Are you on the lookout for a small watchdog for your apartment?

A Pug may or may not be the best choice as he is not the best watchdog, as he cannot recognize a stranger from a burglar too well and may be more inclined to lick a burglar to death.

But having said that, a Pug will certainly warn you that someone is approaching your house by barking.

Is your need for an easy-to-train dog? Your Pug will only want to please you, but that doesn't mean that they will understand your commands straight off.

If you're patient, and follow some proven training tips, he or she can learn though it may take a little longer than some other breeds.

Is coat hair one of your concerns? Well, be careful as the Pug does shed a fair amount of hair every season.

If you want a pet who has human understanding and compassion, then you could consider a Pug as it has an amazing sensitivity to humans.

** Why choose a Pug? **

Well, Pugs are affectionate, clean and peaceful, love traveling and are adaptable, good with children, don't bark too much and get along with other pets.

You'll also find that your Pug is intelligent, loves human company and lots of attention, plus has a great sense of humor!

You could also choose a Pug for these reasons;


They're small, but don't be put off by that. They're proof of the statement, "Big things come in small packages."


Pugs are people-friendly, playful and are natural entertainers - will never have a dull moment.

They aren't aggressive; neither are they intimidated by any other breeds but are loving and loyal to their masters.

How about we talk about the colors of this beautiful breed of dog for a bit?

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