Dohyun Kwon

Van Vleck Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics 
University of Wisconsin-Madison
480 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706-1325
Office : 720 Van Vleck

dkwon7 [at]

About Me

Welcome! I am a Van Vleck Assistant Professor in the Department of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My mentor is Professor Hung Tran.

Before coming here, I obtained my PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in June 2020 under the advisement of Professor Inwon Kim. My research interests are partial differential equations and their applications. In my research, I mainly rely on gradient flows and on the theory of viscosity solutions. I am present on google scholar.

Research Interests

Partial Differential Equations

  • Free Boundary Problems, Mean Curvature Flows, Viscosity Solutions

  • Optimal Transport, Mean Field Games, Gradient Flows

  • Degenerate parabolic equations, Mathematical Models Arising in Physics and Biology 

Research Statement (as of 12/03/2019)

Curriculum Vitae (as of 09/01/2020)


[5] Degenerate nonlinear parabolic equations with discontinuous diffusion coefficients (with Alpár Richárd Mészáros)(submitted) 

[4] Cucker-Smale type flocking models on a sphere (with Sun-Ho Choi and Hyowon Seo) (submitted)

Published Papers

[3] Volume preserving mean curvature flow for star-shaped sets (with Inwon Kim) Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations. 59(2), 2020 [arxiv]

[2] On mean curvature flow with forcing (with Inwon Kim)Communications in Partial Differential Equations. 45(5):414-455, 2020 [arXiv]

[1] Dispersal toward food: a study of a singular limit of an Allen-Cahn equation (with Danielle Hilhorst, Yong Jung Kim and Thanh Nam Nguyen). Journal of Mathematical Biology, 76(3):531-565, 2018.

[0] Mean curvature flows with forcing and degenerate nonlinear parabolic equationsDissertation, UCLA, 2020