Angel Water Powered Hydrogen Boosters For Petrol/Diesel Vehicles.

Dear Customers,

We would like to introduce this valued system for your Consideration.This unit is  with Reactors and a water tank.This unit use the vehicle voltage to produce Hydrogen gas out of water through the  Reactors.The Hydrogen gas made out of the reactors are directly fed to the inlet section (Air Cleaner).No extra modifications in the installation process with the engine section. Hydrogen gas is a very high flammable gas and when this is entered to the engine, your Power of the engine  will increase instantly before your petrol/diesel fuel is fired.Also please note that this system is suitable for automatic transmission vehicles,EFI models, Carburetor models.A digital D.C.signal is supplied to the reactors to produce a high output.

You will have lot of advantages once you install this system to your vehicle as mentioned below.

1) Your engine pulling power will be increased.

2) Your engine will run smoothly as never before.

3) Your engine heat will be low while operation.

4  Your Engine oil usage limit will increase for 2000 kms or more because of the low level heat of the engine. It will save your money.

5) The Carbon deposits in your piston head,Valves will remove automatically by using this system.It will help you to save your money for spending on DE carbonizing process.

6) A limited percentage of Oxygen will be gone out of the silencer where you could see the report at Fuel test (ECO Test ).

7) Your running mileage will increase by approximately 30-50% on your driving conditions per liter on fuel.

8) Lot of moisture will be out all the time from the silencer.


The reactors will be fitted under the vehicle chassis ( suitable area such as under the Drivers seat).The water tank (2 Liter) will be fitted inside the engine area.The voltage is given using the vehicle power.The reactors are using only 06 volts each.The system installation is very safely done. 

Cost of Angel Boosters for vehicles excluding installation cost:

1) For Motor Bikes                           S.L. Rs: 10,000/=

2) For Three Wheeler's                     S.L.Rs: 15,000/=

3) For Cars                                       S.L.Rs: 30,000/=  ( Under 2500 c.c)

4) For Vans                                      S.L.Rs: 40,000/=

5) For Lorries/Buses                         S.L.Rs: 60,000/= 


Our warranty to these products will be 03 years.

Our reactors are made by high quality material and will work fairly well for many years.This Hydrogen system is new to the world and most of the vehicle manufacturers are starting to change to hydrogen fuel in future.The installation of this system will take one working day.We have further more news to you as mentioned below.

The Reactors with the Water Tank.

D.J.S.De Mel.

Mobile:0773255253, 0729234521

                                                Water Vapor injection system for Petrol/Diesel Vehicles

This is another valuable invention done by us.Using this system also helps to increase your pulling power and mileage per liter.The Water vapor line is fixed to the inlet section and when the engine runs,the vapor is sucked through the inlet.This system is suitable for petrol/diesel vehicles. No power is used for this system.

You have to fix only a water tank (2 liter ) inside the engine section.

Cost of the unit

For  cars,vans  ( Petrol/Diesel )      S.L. Rs:   8000.00.

The Water Tank.

D.J.S.De Mel

Mobile:0773255253, 0729234521

                                                               Magnetic Fuel Savers

 Most fuels for internal combustion engines are liquid. But liquid fuels don't com bust till they are vaporized and mixed with air.

    Currently regulated gas emissions from motor vehicles are UN burned hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Un burned HC and NOx react in the atmosphere to form photo-chemical smog. Smog is highly oxidizing in the environment and is the prime cause of eye and throat irritation, bad odor, plant damage, and decreased visibility. Oxides of Nitrogen are also toxic. CO impair blood capability to carry oxygen to the brain, resulting in slower reaction times and impaired judgement.

    Fuel mainly consists of hydrocarbons. Groupings of hydrocarbons, when flowing through a magnetic field, change their orientations of magnetization in a direction opposite to that of the magnetic field. The molecules of hydrocarbon change their configuration. At the same time inter molecular force is considerably reduced or depressed. These mechanisms are believed to help to disperse oil particles and to become finely divided. In addition, hydrogen ions in fuel and oxygen ions in air or steam are magnetized to form magnetic domains which are believed to assist in atomizing fuel into finer particles.

    Generally a liquid or gas fuel used for an internal combustion engine is composed of a set of molecules. Each molecule includes a number of atoms, which is composed of a nucleus and electrons orbiting around their nucleus. The molecules have magnetic moments in themselves, and the rotating electrons cause magnetic phenomena. Thus, positive (+) and negative (-) electric charges exists in the fuel's molecules. For this reason, the fuel particles of the negative and positive electric charges are not split into more minute particles. Accordingly, the fuels are not actively interlocked with oxygen during combustion, thereby causing incomplete combustion. To improve the above, the fuels have been required to be decomposed and ionized. The ionization of the fuel particles is accomplished by the supply of magnetic force from a magnet.

    The resultant conditioned fuel / air mixture magnetized burns more completely, producing higher engine output, better fuel economy, more power and most importantly reduces the amount of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust. Another benefits if these devices is that magnetically charged fuel molecules with opposite polarities dissolve carbon build-up in carburetor jets, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers help to clean up the engine and maintain the clean condition.


We will be fixing this small unit for your fuel line and the Air cleaner.

Cost of Magnetic fuel Saver

For Installing for cars,vans ( Petrol/Diesel)  S.L.Rs: 15,000/=

D.J.S.De Mel

Mobile:0773255253, 0729234521

                                                      Electric Power Saver 

This unit is some thing helps you to reduce your electricity bill per month.It helps to all inductive coils such as washing machines, refrigerators, Air conditioners, Electric Fans, Water Motors to reduce there operating ampere. For example, normally a refrigerator uses 01 amp in operation. Once you fix this it drops to 700 Millie amps. It will help to reduce your electricity bill.A Water motor pump which is using 06 amps ( Domestic model ) drops to 4.5 amps while installing this unit. It is fuse protected to draw 10 amp load with a led indicator.

This unit is so easy to install.You have to just plug it for any of a plug base inside your premises and the rest of work will be done by it.Power fluctuations,Spikes are controlled by this unit and keep the power smooth.

Power saver unit.


One year warranty.

Delivery:Call mobile nos. 0773255253 or 0729234521 and will be delivered.

Cost of this unit is S.L. Rs:2.250/=

                                                       LED Bulbs

05 Watts Supre Bright White/Warm Bulb. Rs:1,100.00

05 Watt Super white/warm bulb. Rs:950.00

03 Watts super Bright white/Warm bulb. Rs: 650.00

03 Watts SMD LED chip Super bright White/Warm  Bulb. Rs: 650.00

Millie 100 Super bright White/Warm Corn Led Bulb. Rs:1,200.00

60 LED White/Warm Bulb. Rs: 750.00
This bulb consumes only 1200 Millie amps.

45 LED White/Warm Bulb. Rs: 650.00
This bulb consumes only 900 mamps.

80 LED super white/warm Bulb. Rs: 850.00
This bulb consumes only 1600 Millie amps.

60 LED Super bright White/Warm Bulb. Rs:950.00
This bulb consumes 1200 Millie amps.

05 Watt SMD Chip High out put White/Warm Bulb. 
Rs: 1300.
This bulb is so bright as 100 watts.But the voltage consumption is only 350 ma at 12 volts.

We offer a six month Warranty for our supplies.Also we are capable of supplying bulbs to operate in D.C. voltages on request.