What’s writing really about? It’s about trying to take fuller possession of the reality of your life.

– Ted Hughes 


16 Aug 2013: my talk 'The Buddha Broke My Heart' from the Buddhafield Festival now on Videosangha:

The Buddha Broke My Heart

30 April 2013: Interview about my book on conditionality on the Windhorse Publications blog.

25 April 2013: I've started a blog, with essays on Dharma, philosophy and so on. 

1 Jan 2013: another poem, 'Eaten', published on www.dhammamoon.org.

3 Dec 2012: my paper 'Western Interpretations of the Five Niyamas as Laws of Nature' published in the Journal of Buddhist Ethics.

19 July 2012: my talk 'Doors to Freedom: the Buddha's psychology of liberation' given at Buddhafield Festival now on FBA. And here's the video version too:

YouTube Video

3 October 2011: my talk on 'Emptiness and Interdependence' (on Chapter 8 of my book on conditionality) given at London Buddhist Centre is now available on FreeBuddhistAudio.com.

14 July 2011: talk given on The Buddha's Teaching on Conditionality at the Buddhafield Festival:

26 May 2011: official launch talk at Cambridge Buddhist Centre of This Being, That Becomes.

19 April 2011: This Being, That Becomes: the Buddha's Teaching on Conditionality is now published by Windhorse Publications. Here's a video introduction:

YouTube Video

This Being, That Becomes from Clear Vision Trust on Vimeo.

March 2011: new novel eglantine dream published by Apus Press

December 2010: another poem, 'Reality Bone', published on www.dhammamoon.org