Andrey Melnichenkos $300 Million Super Mega Yacht "A" at Surin Bay Phuket Thailand January 2012 HD
 : MrChollie : อัปโหลดเมื่อ 27 ม.ค. 2012 : The Clip was taped on 16th of January 2012. In the battle among Russia's billionaires for yacht supremacy,
Roman Abramovich's upcoming 540-foot Eclipse may soon become the biggest, but Andrey Melnichenko's 394-foot "A" has become the most talked-about yacht
 on the seas.Twin, high-speed diesel engines deliver 24,000 horsepower and push the 5,959-gross-ton ship to 24 knots, roughly a third faster than most boats its size.
 The boat, which is stabilized by fiber-optic gyroscopes and four giant motorized flaps, is rumored to also be equipped with a pod-like escape system,
 but the staff declined to comment."A" has a crew of between 35 to 37 people, including stewards and stewardesses, mechanical engineers, security staff, housekeepers,
 deck hands, galley crew and chefs. The crew also has specialists for surfing, jet skiing, water skiing and cycling. All of the crew wear Starck-designed uniforms—crisp
white dress shirts and white pants for daytime, and tight, black T-shirts and slacks for evening. The boat costs over $20 million a year to maintain; Filling the gas tank costs more than $500,000. Setup and Operation : RollingBarge : อัปโหลดเมื่อ 26 ต.ค. 2009 : Rolling Barge: "Full Size Fun ... Anywhere". Down the highway she's 8.5' wide,
but in the launch ramp parking lot, she folds out to 17' wide. Two story barge with 650 square feet of deck space. Up to 30 people. See it all here.

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