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Ears by Jo AnnEars by Jo Ann
 A Brief History of Programmes, Services and Organizations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Adults in Calgary

How to download the book

The book contains 15 chapters about different aspects of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in Calgary. It includes topics such as the Calgary Association of the Deaf, the Hard of Hearing Associations, the development of Interpreting Services and Speech reading classes. Other chapters cover medical and educational services.

Available Formats

The book is available in three different formats; download the format which is most appropriate for you. The available formats are:

  • a PDF file, best for reading on a computer (requires Adobe Reader)
  • a MOBI file, best for reading on a Kindle eBook reader
  • an ePub file, best for reading on any other sort of eBook reader and on a smartphone

Right-click on one of the above links then select "Save Linked Contents As...", or something similar.

Most computers already include Adobe Reader. If yours does not then it can be downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Hard Copy

The book is not available as a hard copy (ie, printed onto paper). Instead, you can create your own hard copy by downloading the PDF file and printing it on your computer. Alternatively, visit a print shop and pay them to print the PDF file. Note that the book is 126 pages long, so this can be expensive. Also, printing in duplex (ie, on both sides of the paper) will save a tree.

Print shops include Your Print & Copy Solution opposite the Central Library (under $8), and Staples (over $13). (Prices were correct in December 2014.)

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