D'Hercy Youth Companies

Is on Hiatus until further notice

Manifesting imagination into thin air…

Michelle Hersey is excited to announce the opportunity for her students and other new talent to join the D'Hercy Youth Company.  This is an amazing opportunity for youth to create, collaborate and explore dance in a diverse group environment all the while increasing their personal potential to share with audiences.  It’s an opportunity to have fun: creating, moving and performing.  Youth Co is all about bringing talent together; talent being the ability to bring imagination out of the mind, into the studio and onto the stage.

Here's a performance that our youth company did at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Performances will be videotaped and used for promotional purposes. Dancers must have a video consent form signed by their parents in order to join Youth Company. The video consent form can be downloaded from our Downloads Page.

How To Register

Go to the registration link on the side bar.

Also, email Michelle Hersey for more information @ dhercydanceco@gmail.com.  If you are a new student, feel free to come to the first class to try out.  Or you can book an audition with Michelle @ dhercydanceco@gmail.com

Modern Dance Youth Company
is now focused only on the Modern Form
of dance and includes creations and creative ideas from dancers.

Please go to our photo link to view the most recent works by the company.

Summer CLASS Times and Dates 2017


*Modern Dance Youth Company* 

8-16 years 

TUESDAY 5:45 - 7:10PM 

July 4 to August 29