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A collection of eclectic websites that are fun, exciting and inspiring for children of all ages. 

If you discover any cool and interesting sites, please feel free to email us and we'll try to get them up ASAP so everyone can enjoy them.

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Amazing Kids TED Talks 12 year old challenges children's limitations 
Dancers & Dancing Canadian Dance Links List of Canadian dance companies 
Dancers & Dancing Arts Alive - Dance A fun way to learn all about dancing 
Dancers & Dancing Dance Clock This clock uses some very flexible dancers. 
Dancers & Dancing Hannah Fraser A live Australian mermaid. Amazing. 
Funner Stuff Cats with Thumbs Evolutionary Visionaries Postulate: Cats and their apposable thumbs 
Fun Stuff Roger Miller & Muppets Roger Miller with some hot chicks! 
Fun Stuff VideoBash.com Hilarious Talking Baby 
Fun Stuff PBS Kids Play at America's educational network 
Fun Stuff NFB Kids Animation by the National Film Board 
Fun Stuff A Treasure in My Garden Animated stories and music for all ages 
Fun Stuff Online Books Free online books library for kids & teachers 
Hip Hop Company Teacher Volume One Trio DUET Sophia Gamboa and Partner lays it down 
Registration Parks and Rec registration For Vancouver Community Centre programs 
Science & Nature Virtual Museum Explore museums across Canada 
Science & Nature Wired Science Cool science blog from Wired.com 
Science & Nature National Geographic Nature news from National Geographic.com 
Sofia Gamboa Sofia Gamboa of Volume One Sofia battles....... 
Showing 18 items