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D'Hercy Dance Co has been offering dance lessons at Acadia for over 30 years.

Michelle has been teaching for over 30 years and holds a BEd from UBC and a BA in Dance from SFU. This winter 2018, Michelle will be again teaching the classes at Acadia Park and University Apartments.
Please pre-register as class sizes will be limited to 12 children.

Interested in other Classes for your child?
Check out this website or call 604-765-4890.

The Drop in Fee for single classes is $12.00

You cannot drop in for the last three classes of the course, as the students will be preparing for the show

 Modern Dance Company Course CONTINUES January 9th, 2019

Ages: 8 - 16 years

Dates: January 9 to March 13 (10 sessions)
Day: Wednesday evenings 
Time: 6:05 - 7:35
Location: UBC's Highrise Social Space, Room 115

Fee: $120.00 for 10 lessons and 2 performances
(Fiesta Days Parade & Kitsilano Showboat)

Pro-rate Policy for late start of any class is $5.00 off per class missed until to 4th lesson.
This semester that would be after the week of January 28th
or February 1st.


a) Register with a credit card by clicking this link: online for the UBC 2019 WINTER SEMESTER.

b) If you would like to pay by e-transfer, email the 2019 Winter UBC Registration Form to dhercydanceco@gmail.com and send the e-transfer to the same email. You need to email the registration form at least 24 hours before the class starts if you are registering late.

c) If you would like to pay by cash or cheque, email the 2019 Winter 
UBC Registration Form to dhercydanceco@gmail.com and bring the cheque with the form printed out to the first class.  Please attach the cheque or cash to the form.You need to email the registration form at least 24 hours before the class starts if you are registering late. 

Important Notice about Refund policy:  
After 2 weeks of classes there are no refunds unless for medical reasons.
Refunds will be calculated from the time you inform the office of your intent to leave the course. 
Important Notice about Pro-Rate Policy
Classes are pro-rated for late starters only.  Not for absences due to illness.
The rate is five dollars off per class missed. This discount stops after the 4th lesson.
This term that would be after February 1st
Pro-rates do not include missed classes because of illness and/or other absences.


UBC Winter 2019 Semester Dates: 

Tuesdays:  January 8 to March 12 (10 sessions)

Wednesdays:  January 9 to March 13 (10 sessions)

Thursdays:  January 10 to March 14 (10 sessions)

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Michelle Hersey 4 - 7 Hip Hop Minis Tuesday 3:30 - 4:05pm $55.00 
Michelle Hersey 5 - 12 Jazz/Tap & Ballet Thursday 6:10 - 7:10pm $80.00 
Michelle Hersey 2.5-3.5 Teeny Tiny Dancers  Tuesday 5:10 - 5:40pm $55.00 
Michelle Hersey Adults Modern Jazz Dance Wednesday 3:30 to 4:25 $80.00 
Michelle Hersey 3 - 5  Jazz/Ballet Babies I/II  Tuesday 5:45 - 6:25pm $75.00 
Michelle Hersey 5 - 8  Pre-Ballet I/II/III Wednesday 5:05 - 5:50pm $70.00 
Michelle Hersey 8 - 14  Ballet I II III  Tuesday 4:10 - 5:05pm $80.00 
Michelle Hersey 4.5 - 6  Mini Ballet - 2 registered Wednesday 4:30 - 5:00 $65.00 
Michelle 6 - 10  Dance Sampler - 1 registered Thursdays 4:30 - 5:20pm $80.00 
Michelle Hersey 3 - 5 Mini Jazz Ballet with Intro Tap - 2 registered  Thursday 5:25 - 6:10pm $75.00 
Michelle Hersey 8 - 16 Modern Dance Company - 3 registered Wednesdays 6:05 - 7:35pm $120.00 
Showing 11 items