2018 Summer Break Camps

Fairview Acadia Complex, UBC


D'Hercy is proud to announce that we now can offer child minding services for busy parents while their child is attending one of our August camps. The child minding time is between 3pm - 6pm each day after camp. We will keep the fun going for the kids by providing Crafts, Dance Classes and Stories. The fee is $40/week. Sign up for child minding services by using our Online Reg Form (see below).

Register for camp using our Online Reg Form

or phone Michelle 604-765-4890

Important Notice about Refund policy:  
There are no refunds 4 weeks before the camp starts. 

Important Notice about Pro-Rate Policy
Classes can be pro-rated for drop in students for the first 3 days of camp only as we will be working towards a show.
Pro-rates do not include missed classes because of illness and/or other absences.
Children can start the camp by the third day at a discount of $15.00/day.

Musical Theatre and Set Design Camp  (6 - 14 year olds)

Camp #1 - August 13 - 17 (Monday - Friday) $130.00
Camp #2 - August 20 - 24 (Monday - Friday) $130.00

9:00am – 3:00pm

$200.00 for both camps taken consecutively together
$130.00 for each camp

Themes of science and art will be explored through dance, drama and visual art with the D'Hercy Dance Co.  Children will work with instructors in separate age groups to write a play, build the set and create songs and dances and songs to show off to family in the last hour on the last day of camp.

We do vocal lessons and write songs from simple melodies.

We build the set by painting, collaging, sculpting with papier mache and constructing with cardboard.
We create various backdrops learning about perspective and staging.

We practice a variety of dance forms, such as tap, hip hop, jazz and ballet depending upon students’ interests.  We pick our favourites to put in the show and choreograph the dances.

Laban-Effort Shape lessons direct the studies for building choreography, as well as other choreographic tools such as gesture phrases derived from characters.

For Drama, we play drama games and learn projection, the use of intention in action, plot logic, and character development.

Children write the play collectively and pick their own characters to be.

Materials Needed: 
Stretchy clothing, indoor running shoes, lunch and 3-4 snacks and lots of water.