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Transmedia Director and Producer
David H. Deans is the Senior Partner of David H. Deans & Associates, and the founder of GeoActive Group. He established this technology and digital media marketing professional services company to specialize in market research, multiplatform go-to-market strategy development, plus the design and execution of targeted market development plans.

Professional Services Offered

We are known for our passion, conviction, and articulate persuasion -- delivered in a credible voice. Choose from our market research, business strategy, content development and customer demand stimulation offerings.

Sample Design Concept Proposals

How do you evolve when customer service and technical support isn't fully meeting the diverse needs of your customers? Can you create a digital media service delivery platform that benefits from the media fragmentation trend and improves personalization? These are two scenarios that we encountered as client design challenges.

GeoActive Microsite Network

Content Marketing in Action - where each site is a starting point, to enable the discovery of transmedia resources for a common cause. Imagine your product or service message, placed within the context of a targeted community of interest.

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