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Experimental, electronic, ambient, atmospheric... whatever music that paves its way out of the usual trail.

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===== Edouard Trolliet - Tales Of Fates, Losses and Other Misfortunes =====

This is the end of dhatura's road with a beautiful conclusion from Monsieur Edouard Trolliet.
Tales... is quite different from his usual approach of music, since it's a collection of short pieces composing the original soundtrack of a story to be written; a story of the heart and soul.
Hope you'll enjoy.


===== sai RastaO - Mind War =====


===== Noise Laundry =====
Brought together by Utu Lautturi, some of the best artists of today's underground music deliver an insane twisted brainwasher.


===== Ullapul - Medea =====
The sound of solitude...