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Experimental, electronic, ambient, atmospheric... whatever music that paves its way out of the usual trail.

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Just send an email to dhaturarecords@gmail.com


===== sai RastaO - Mind War =====


===== Noise Laundry =====
Brought together by Utu Lautturi, some of the best artists of today's underground music deliver an insane twisted brainwasher.


===== Ullapul - Medea =====
The sound of solitude...


===== Caral - Un Viaje Mistico =====

Ancient civilisations teach us to value life. Our music celebrates and thanks them for their teachings. 

Caral - a project initiated and currated by Alexarrakis & Walter Fini.
Volume 1, featuring: Strange Meat, Kinsâme, nobodisoundz, Zacarias Malden, Marina Vesic, Eduardo Zambrano, Ullapul & Usul.
Volume 2, featuring: sai RastaO, Alexarrakis, Walter Fini & Marina Vesic, STE ROZZA, Drei Helix, Franco Franco & Renzo Filinich.
Artwork by Camelia Mirescu.

===== nobodisoundz - Persephone =====
Harvesting the world and ruling the underground, the ambivalent face of a myth, illustrated by nobodisoundz.


===== eisenlager, D@P, Julia - Angst essen Seele auf =====
An insane trip into the darkest twisted corners of the darkest souls. Flawless diamond.


===== Walter Fini - Ariadne =====
Codex number 3 is Walter Fini's interpretation of Ariadne... An hypnotic soundtrack to a journey along the thread. Enjoy :)


===== Lionel Benancie - H Condition =====
Lionel is capturing moments of the everyday life to create a soundtrack for a movie of slow motions and fascinating bits. Hypnotic and captivating.


===== Willy Stamati - I Can't Speak Your Language =====
I can't speak your language is a choregraphy of sounds.
They grow and move slowly as your imagination dives deeper into your own fears and darkest feelings.


===== Edouard Trolliet - Cassandra =====
For the volume 2 of Codex, Edouard Trolliet is offering a brilliant, strong and dramatic intepretation of Cassandra.


===== Bunker Palace 3 =====
SRVTR and Sylphides are back with a third volume of their Bunker Palace collection. These urban and industrial sounds are definitely a must. Dark tunes, tensed and hypnotic atmospheres, wandering through deserted industrial landscapes, Bunker Palace is honey for ears.


===== a quality without a name - Medusa =====
No words, just a glance, the sounds speaking for themselves.
Close your eyes and let yourself dive... and get lost.


===== Incantation =====
Born on the banks of the Ganges river, the soundz crossed the distance, mutated and mixed, to produce this unique piece of sonic poems.Some called incantation, magically brewed by MKF and nobodisoundz.


===== Edouard Trolliet - Monoloch, The Sequels =====
Monoloch is still alive... Feat. Edouard Trolliet, Dead Melodies, My Own Cubic Stone and Ullapul.


===== Schmaidl - Everything Is Invented =====
Welcome to Schmaidl's rich, colorful, unique world.
Moving towards the atmospheres, this EP is a must have for people who love to travel through sounds.


===== Ombre Et Lumière =====
The pictural world of Jean-Chistophe Liénard, illustrated by BroodingSideOfMadness, eisenlager, D@P, Alexarrakis, Nystada, Ophed, nobodisoundz, Ullapul and Dealights.


===== Edouard Trolliet - Monoloch =====
Emerging from the smoldering ruins of an abandonned city, here comes monoloch, a heavy and menacing monster, made of industrial beats and heavy sounds.
Ear candy, for sure...


===== Megastructure - Supersymmetry =====
A wonderful fairytale for androids, magically assembled by On3iric4 and Aziks!... Prtessing the play button like entering a space capsule.


===== On3iric4 - Rites Of The Digital Era =====
With her first EP, On3iric4 is casting a spell, charming our ears with bright and colorful sounds, deep and inspired atmospheres... A pure moment of digital magic.


===== Mitx Mitxii - Free Travel =====
This is somehow an exploration through the roots of electronic music, a primal digital scream. A slow minimal litany enriched by bright and colorful touches, creating a very peculiar and fascinating atmosphere.


===== Moschamba =====
With this opulent wall of sound, My Own Cubic Stone & Hamba invite you to visit their respective intimate worlds... Trippy as hell.


===== DBPIT & Guests - Dark Lights [Frantic Cityscapes] =====
Small sonic touches and massive sounds, this amazing collection of cityscapes is rich, dense, immersive. Something to close your eyes and let your imagination run...


===== STE ROZZA - Urban Void =====
An intruinguing journey through devastated cityscapes. A uran and anxious trip by a master of electronic music.