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Experimental, electronic, ambient, atmospheric... whatever music that paves its way out of the usual trail.

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===== Moschamba =====
With this opulent wall of sound, My Own Cubic Stone & Hamba invite you to visit their respective intimate worlds... Trippy as hell.


===== DBPIT & Guests - Dark Lights [Frantic Cityscapes] =====
Small sonic touches and massive sounds, this amazing collection of cityscapes is rich, dense, immersive. Something to close your eyes and let your imagination run...


===== STE ROZZA - Urban Void =====
An intruinguing journey through devastated cityscapes. A uran and anxious trip by a master of electronic music.


===== Sai RastaO - The Spheres =====
After his collection of boxes last year, Sai RastaO is back with new shapes.
A beautiful collection of hypnotic beats, building up an intimate and even claustrophobic atmosphere.
Edouard Trolliet joins to do the final toping, with a crazy remix.
... A must.


===== My Own Cubic Stone - Pagan Forest - Part 2 =====
This second exploration of My Own Cubic Stone's pagan forests will conclude a rich year of music on this label.
The woods are deep and dark, but slight touches of light come warming the dead leaves.
Enjoy the visit ... And happy new year to all :)


===== Quoi - My Days Are Numbered =====

From chilly and smooth beats to minimal atmospheric music, Quoi is exploring different facets of ambient music, drawing a rich and generous landscape of his very personal musical world.



===== CollAGE D =====
The deep, ample sounds of nobodi, versus Le Crapaud's sharpen electric tunes is like a ballet of fire and ice.
Slow motion and brutal grips, the elements melting together to create this unique piece of music.


===== D9K - 050 =====
Harsh, tensed analog feeling, raw electronic assembly, this is the computer's primal scream illustrated by Dale Karvonen.
Artwork by Jean-Christophe Liénard


===== My Own Cubic Stone - Pagan Forest Part I =====
The woods are dark, dense and unfriendly sometimes. A perfect place to get lost, explore and discover gems... "you shall not return", so said the trees.


===== Narqelion - I =====
The dish of the day is a tasty mix of psychedelism, folk, metal and drone.
Delicouslly trippy -- free download and exclusive CDs... enjoy.


===== Bug Powder - One Beat A Day =====
The doctor's prescription is a great collection of deep atmospheric beats...


===== Nathan Gilds - Astrarium =====
Recorded in the bathroom and kitchen onto a 4 tracks cassette, Astrarium is a moment of pure and simple beauty. One man with his guitar and few gadgets, collecting fleeting instants as time passes by.


===== 3dtorus - Restored =====

Minimalist melodies and bright, complex textures that serve a personal emotional world... This is restored, an accomplishment in 3dtorus' never ending process of exploring electronic music, to create shapes and words expressing his deepest feelings.


===== Draamah - The Overview Effect =====
... Now landing on our planet, this super talented young electronic artists,
offering a rich and dense ocean of sound, inviting us for a trip to far far
away electrosphere.


===== 1984, A Retrospective =====

The Electronomicon collective is back on The Wetlands producitons and Dhatūrā with this huge collection of tracks, originally released in 1984.
We hope that this will be an opportunity for you to (re-)discover classics from this year, re-interpreted with passion: Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Run DMC... of course, but also This Mortal Coil or Dead Can Dance have joined the 80s party :-)


===== a quality without a name - photon histories =====

Electronic heartbeats, glitch pulses and deeply inspired atmospheric layers. A recipe brewed for your ears by a qualiity without a name at his best.


===== Together is an eyesore =====
Happy birtthday! To celebrate one year of tunes, the first artists who joined the crew came with exclusive tracks.
I'll never be grateful enough to all the people who made these stories happen during a single year, providing their sounds, visual arts or paying careful ears to those tunes.