On3iric4 is an electronic music project, using oneiric experiences, mental states, abstractions, or simply music for the sake of music as its only premise and inspiration source. After many years of classical studies in music as a doublebass player, and many participations in other formations like Glass Circus (rock; bass and backing vocals) and Maud the moth (dark jazz and soul: bass, doublebass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Cecilia Tallo found in computer music a new way of free expression, detached from the rules of instrumental music. After a few approaches to electronic sounds she decided to finally unite both worlds, creating an eclectic style where you can find influences from movie soundtracks, videogame music, dark folk ambiences and unearthly vocals. She has also two new and very eclectic projects in collaboration with other artists from Madrid: Megastructure (with Aziks Void) and Silkworkers (with Heras da Lizzard).