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Big match MANIA

  43th Battle of the blues among Dharmasoka college Vs  Devananda college was held on 21st and 22nd March 2009 in UC  ground.Dharmasoka team captain is Imesh Udayanga.He played SIRASA T20 cricket series and he was the captain of Rohana Balakaya in Southern province
  Imesh Udayanga won the coin toss and selected to bat first.Score board is like this
Imesh Udayanga-49
Tharindu Chanaka-52
Ishan Rangana-29
They are all out in 234.Next Devananda players come to bat first.They all out in 179 runs And Dharmasoka college played 2nd innings in second day very fast and make 204 runs.Imesh Udayanga make 68 runs.then Devananda players come to play.They make 179 for 9 wickets .Match was drawn.Imesh Udayanga was the man of the match.There are so many croud.
Buddhi Rasathmaka,
Apr 4, 2009, 5:22 AM