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Glimpse of DAANA in 2017

 Glimpse of DAANA in 2017                                                                                                             

Dear Member,

Year 2017 has gone long ago. We the BOD 2017 are trying to wrap up things tightly and leave our organization in the skillful hands of BOD 2018. Before that, let’s take a brief moment’s pause to have a quick glimpse of DAANA in 2017.

DAANA was able to raise and donate Rs 1,336,560 to support numerous projected we launched in 2017 as illustrated below.

DAANA Financial Support for Dharmaraja College – 2017

Support for Old Rajans Rugby Football Association   -  Rs. 184,000.00
Dharmaraja College Science Exhibition wall              -  Rs.   30,000.00
Pradashina Medical Camp by OBA                          -  Rs.  118,560.00
DAANA scholarship program                                   -  Rs.  984,000.00
DRC cricket indoor nets project                                - Rs.      5,000.00
Old boys house renovation                                       - Rs.    15,000.00

Summary of Activities


Rajans Rugby – Day Sponsorship Campaign 2017

Several of our members generously contributed to support Rajans Rugby Day Sponsorship Campaign organized by Old Rajans Rugby Football Association.

DAANA vice presidents visit to Dharmaraja College 2017

DAANA vice president Dr Nishantha Bandara’s visit helped us consolidate our link with DRCK and to get a more accurate picture of its needs. Undoubtedly it was a crucial factor to have such a successful scholarship project this year.

Study Opportunities in US seminar 2017

For first time DAANA was able to organize a seminar on study opportunities in the USA for DRCK students with the help of the representatives of University of Houston-Victoria Texas.This was a splendid opportunity for the students to get first-hand information.

AGM and Get-Together 2017

AGM and get together was organized in a rush, but it was truly successful and fun event that generated a lot of Rajan spirits at the nation’s capital. However, more entertaining was the BOD after event party!   BOD 2018, you should continue this as a tradition.

Pradakshina Medical Camp – 2017

Within a short time a lot of members contributed generously to support this medical camp dedicated for past/present teachers organized by Dharmaraja Old Boys Association.

DAANA Scholarship Program 2017

This year we were able to increase the number of scholarships by 18 and the individual scholarship by Rs 500. ( 68+ scholarships/ Rs 13,500 per student)

DAANA members of Houston gathering

DAANA members of Houston chapter organized a get-together to welcome a past president of DAANA Sajith Ellepola, a past president of DAANA, who was visiting. 

DAANA presence on Amazon

We were able to integrate DAANA as a charitable organization in Amazon to receive 5% contribution from your next purchase. Please select DAANA as your charitable organization when you are making your next purchase on Amazon.


  • BOD 2017 wishes to express their most sincere gratitude for all DAANA members for their support throughout this year in numerous forms. We deeply appreciate the guidance of BOD 2016 in all above projects.
  • We want to recognize the outstanding contributions of Dr Keerthi Silva, Mr Nishantha Bandara,  Mr Sanjeev Fernando, Mr Lalith Perera,  and Mr Ama Geewandara for the DAANA scholarships this year and extend our warm appreciations.
  • Our thanks go to Mrs Tamara Marapana and Mr Upula Ratnakela for helping us coordinate scholarship program and the award ceremony this year.
  • We also like to extend our gratitude to Dr Sarith Mahanama and Prof Ashoka Polpitiya for gracing the scholarship award ceremony and helping us coordinate it.
  • We want to thank Mr Sajith Ellepola and his employer Brookfield Office Properties Management LP for their generous support towards Rajans rugby.
  • We would like to extend our appreciations and warm thanks to Mrs Ludmi Herath and Ms Kelsey Greene of University of Houston-Victoria for conducting few seminars at DRCK to educate A/L students on study opportunities in the US Universities.
  • A very special word of thank you goes to Mr Kaushalya Siriwardane of DC chapter for donating iPads to DAANA for students of Dharmaraja.
  • BOD 2017 wants to extend their gratitude to Mr Hemantha Ratnayake for his outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment in organizing the AGM in Washington DC. We would not have been able to pull it without you ‘Hemantha Ayya.’!

Finally, we hope we lived up to your expectations, raised Rajan spirits and brought DAANA one step further. We must confess we truly enjoyed this ride!  Hope you do the same BOD 2018!


Signing off BOD 2017


Date : 26th-January-2018

BOD 2017